Monday, February 28, 2011

Craig and I started noticing that Evie prefers looking to the right and pretty much always faces that way. If we face her head the other way she'll move it back to the right within a few seconds. I thought uh-oh, something's up. 
I brought her back to the chiropractor last Friday to see what's going on. She had been at 3 days old and the Dr wanted to see her again to work on some stuff but we couldn't afford it at $30 a pop. But now she obviously needs it.

The Dr said her neck muscle on the right side was really tight, much tighter than a baby's muscle should ever be. She adjusted her neck and back and worked on her skull bones also (they are slightly lopsided in the front). She recommended that we roll up a thin blanket and place it along her right side at night to force her to look left, and also do the same thing in her carseat. And also to massage that neck muscle when we can to help her loosen up. She faces right so often that her head bones in the back have even shaped to the one side a little. Not a huge deal honestly and I think a lot of babies have little weird things like this and they grow out of it or whatever, but I just wanted to deal with it now if we can.

Now that I'm conscientious of what is going on, it's much easier to correct the problem. I switched sides on the bed with Craig so that I would be on her left. I knew she wouldn't want to always face left if she still smelled mommy and the milk on the right (and yes, she is still co-sleeping most nights). Since then she's done great facing the left. Same thing in her swing and carseat. I'm noticing she is able to look both directions much easier. And it's only been 3 days. Yay! We see Joella Pettigrew of JP Chiropractic in Port Orchard. She is Webster Certified and specializes in pregnancy and childhood chiropractic care. She made a huge difference in my pregnancy also. Sadly, I think I'll need to switch to someone else because it's a long drive from Poulsbo, once we're moved, and she doesn't bill insurance (she'll give you a superbill though). I believe Molina/DSHS needs to be billed by the chiropractor in order for them to pay.

And then there's Eliana. She's in a "refuse to nap" phase. Not my favorite. Today is day 4 I think of no naps. I put her down at 1 or 2 like normal but she just cries or screams. Today she cried for over 30 minutes (I went in once to calm her and remind her it was nap time) and now she is in her crib talking and singing to herself. Yes that still equals quiet time but she will be a wreck by 6pm tonight and that's the bummer. The last couple nights she just started crying around 5:30 or 6 out of exhaustion. I've made her wait til 7 to go to bed, but maybe I should put her down at 6 and see what happens. I'm praying this is a phase and I believe it is considering she still clearly needs naps. And she's not even 2 1/2 yet! I also believe that a toddler taking a nap is just as important for the mom as it is for the toddler :) And I suppose if she handled not napping well I'd just move on from naps and it would give my schedule some freedom- but the meltdowns and crankiness tell me she is not ready to move on.

Also along the lines of sleep (or lack thereof) is Evie. Ever since getting sick she hasn't slept well. In fact, she was getting up every 1-2 hours at night. For an almost 3 month old I think that's a little insane. She's over 15lbs, there's no way she needs to eat that often! I let her eat or just rocked her if she wasn't hungry, but my point is that as the mother, when you are being woken up that often and never have a chance for a REM sleep cycle- you start to feel like you are going crazy. Seriously. Sleeping in 1 hour pieces and being awake 30 min -1 hour in between doesn't work.
Last night was a lot better. She didn't go to sleep til 9:30pm, but then only woke 2x to eat. Much better. I'm praying she can get back to where she was prior to being sick which was a 5-7 hour sleep stretch and then 1 or 2 feedings. Mama needs to feel human again!

I haven't talked about nursing much lately, but rest assured it's going great. She is still exclusively breastfed. I would like to try and get some milk stored up in the freezer just in case I need it, but I've been putting it off because of my oversupply. When you pump your body sees it as another feeding and will increase supply to keep up with that demand. As it is, poor lil' Evie still chokes/gags on my forceful letdown 1-3 times a day. I don't want to make that worse! I tried again to feed laying down in bed last week and she choked, again, so I went back to our usual- which is me sitting up to nurse her so I can catch her from choking faster. So, at this point she has not received a bottle and gets her feedings only directly from me. I also heard at LLL last year that for women with PCOS, pumping is not the best idea. To keep a good supply women with PCOS should be primarily feeding from the breast. Maybe once we're moved I can try to get some milk stored up. I also will start thinking strongly about potty training Eliana once we're moved. I don't see the point right now since she's not even 2 1/2 (all the material I can find says to wait until 2 1/2-3 unless they show strong initiative on their own) and we have a major life change coming :)

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