Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Farm House

Well, since my post last week things got worse illness wise in the Frazier Household. Eliana was getting worse every day despite being on antibiotics for her double ear infection. I knew something was up. Then little Evie got sick! Ack! Eliana never got sick until she was about 13 months old, so a sick infant was totally new to me. Evie was coughing, snotty, cranky, wouldn't eat, etc. Not cool. I called last Friday and got them in to the Dr that day. Turned out Eliana's ears were worse from the previous Monday and were actually filled with puss now (ouch!). The antibiotic she'd been on didn't work for whatever reason so we went to the next one that is a little more powerful. My poor little Evie, not even 3 months old yet, also had a double ear infection :( Craig and I both had tons of ear infections and tubes in our ears as babies, so we knew there was a possibility that at least one of our children would have ear infections as a little baby. I just hoped otherwise! Our pediatrician said that when a breastfed baby gets an ear infection this young it points more to the anatomy of the ear and that she probably has an internal ear shape that is prone to ear infections. She said she could count on one hand the nursing babies that have gotten an ear infection so young, it's very uncommon, and that all of them went on to need tubes. So, we'll see. Maybe this is a fluke and she'll be fine- that would be the best obviously! But if she needs tubes down the road I'm all for it. Craig can't hear out of one ear and that's what we want to avoid. We also started Evie on antibiotics. I felt torn about that. Antibiotics are known to kill the good stuff while they are killing the bad stuff and I didn't want to do that to my baby. However after chatting with the pediatrician and her explaining that in a baby this little an ear infection and illness is more serious and it's not worth messing around with...I gave in :) I trust our ped, we agree about a lot of things and are very similar, so I let her expertise on this subject be the guide. Amoxicillin has been around for decades (the yummy pink stuff we all took as kids), so that also is reassuring. So, that was Friday and it took until yesterday (Tuesday) for things to look up. Craig also got sick Friday and is just now getting better.

Having 2 sick kids is crazy. Elly constantly needed her nose wiped and just wanted to be held and was fussy. Then she'd cough so much she'd make herself sick. Evie was fussy, having trouble breathing, not able to nurse, etc. She also coughed so much she'd vomit. A lot. And always on me, yay. Then you add a total of 5 medicine doses a day into the mix- not fun! But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm running towards it :) Eliana is finally eating again and has just a small cough left. Evie is still a little wheezy and not sleeping at night, but getting better. So, and I say this with love, if you or your kids are sick, stay away from my family! ha!

The Farm House. Ahhhh (said like a calm breathe, not AAHHHHH!). The house we are moving into shall now be known as The Farm House :) It is over 100 years old and is actually two old homes put together. Two original Poulsbo homes that are part of the history of Poulsbo. Could that be any more perfect? There are 5 bedrooms (Craig says that means more kids!) and 3 bathrooms. This will be the first time that Craig and I have lived somewhere with more than one bathroom (other than the 6 months before I got married when I lived with my parents). The house is white with blue shutters and has a wrap around porch. It's on 7 acres and already has 4 raised garden beds! It's a dream. If God said to me, "drive around Poulsbo and pick the house you think I'll let you live in," I never would've picked this. We feel so blessed. AND we'll be spending much less a month that we currently do for our teeny little house! We will be moving in about 3 or 4 weeks.
A couple weeks ago I made this list and would now like to share it :)

What I'm looking forward to most about living in the Farm House

1). Having people over. Finally. It's been a very long 5 years of not being able to entertain! I suppose technically I could've had people over, but we have no dining room and the living room is half office and half toys. Hmmm.

2). Being able to use/view/see all the things that have been sitting in our unfinished basement for the last 5 years. We have gifts from our wedding we've never even used!

3). Putting the beautiful tea cups that were my great grandmothers on display in the hutch that has also been sitting in our basement.

4). Playing piano and writing music again. There is a piano that's been in our family for years and years and a very dear relative promised it to me and said it was mine when we had a house that would fit it. *Tears*. This means more to me than I can say and I've been so looking forward to having it! I will probably cry every day that I walk by it for a few weeks. And no, your sweet children (and mine) will not be allowed to bang on it :) Real players only! he he

5). Being able to host my own children's birthday parties at my house if I so desire.

6). Feeling settled. We've lived the last 5 years thinking 'we won't be here forever', which was true, but a hard way to live. I want to live in the Farm House like we'll be there a while.

7). Being 5 minutes from my mom, Craig's work, my Mom's group, Aroy Dy, Central Market, the Farmer's Market, etc.

8). Being in Poulsbo. I'm half Norwegian and Poulsbo is part of my heritage. I love Poulsbo. I love the history. And while I do think it's odd (and a tad annoying) that 82.5% of Poulsbo residents don't know that 4-way-stops are first come first go....I still love Poulsbo. hehe.

9). Having more than 1 bathroom.

10). Having a room that my stepson can call his own when he visits.

11). Having the extra fridge and freezer in the basement and easy for me to get to- rather than across the whole yard and down steps to the separate garage/shop.


Can't wait to have y'all over to the Farm House :)


  1. Looks like a dream! So excited for you and your family. Praying you all feel 100% SOON!

  2. Yay! This is my first time reading your blog and I plan to be a frequent follower. SO uplifting and exciting. Congrats on your new home; it's absolutely gorgeous!!