Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The kind of week that makes you say, "Whew". And other things :)

Wow, can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post!

I had the flu, ugh, and finally got better and then my little Eliana caught something last Friday. Today is day 6 and she is still coughing, snotty, and not wanting to eat. She is just bones now which is kind of disconcerting! We went to the Dr on Monday and she had a double ear infection so she's on antibiotics and I'm just praying she'll start feeling better soon. For her sake and mine! All you mamas know it is exhausting dealing with a sick toddler and a baby.

Evangeline didn't sleep well last night. I'm not sure if she is not feeling well or maybe she didn't like all the chocolate I ate before bed (hey, I was coping with the stressful week!), or maybe she is already teething. Hard to say. BUT she didn't really go to sleep til 4:30am-ish. And then Eliana woke up screaming, coughing, and covered in snot at 7am. Lord help me. Is it bedtime yet???

Just one of those weeks. I am holding it together as best I can just to keep the basic stuff going like laundry and meals.

The other big thing going on is that we are packing. Yes, we are moving! I don't know a specific date yet, although I do know a where :) Craig is packing in the evenings after he gets home and before the kiddo's go to bed. I will probably eventually be willing to blog about everything going on, but at this point all I'll say that God has been making our path clear and after fighting it for a few weeks, I finally got on board. Craig's been on board since last year. The new house is a rental, much bigger than our current one, and only 5 minutes from Craig's work. It'll be life changing, that's for sure! Our sweet little bungalow will be on the market very soon.

Ever find that when you are tired, stressed, tired, and mostly just tired ( :) ), it's very easy to take things personally and feel like people are attacking you? Yes, that is me this week. Facebook has been unkind. Well, not exactly Facebook, but people jumping to conclusions and making snarky comments. Sometimes snarky is good and appreciated, sometimes it's just judgemental. Written word is tough because it is a challenge to determine tone. When speaking in person we can go off facial expressions, tone of voice, body language, etc. When speaking on the phone we can go off tone of voice. When speaking by written word we have nothing but....written words. LIKE WHEN I TYPE LIKE THIS DON'T YOU FEEL LIKE I'M YELLING AT YOU?! Anyway, I'll just get over it, but people are quick to post comments before thinking. I know I've been guilty of that myself a time or two also. Most the time I just ignore the comments, but weeks like this one where I am surviving on minimal sleep and lots of frustration, I have to hold my tongue (or keyboard I guess?) from shooting back some rude comment. That is my nasty human nature. So instead I'll try to breathe, pray for them and myself, and walk away.

I am now at my moms for a few days so Craig can get needed work done around the house. That's what you have to do when there's only 700 sq ft and things need attention. He literally can't pack or work on stuff when we are there because there's no room! Eliana LOVES (not screaming, just emphasizing) her Grammy, Auntie, and Grandpa, so it'll be nice to have that help the rest of the week :)

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