Thursday, March 17, 2011

8pm, Thursday night. Sitting on the bed in the guestroom at my parents house watching American Idol and missing my hubs. Evie is asleep next to me and Eliana is asleep in another room.

I am hoping to go visit Dreamland in a few minutes but I want to make sure Evie is really down for the count. The last couple days have been pretty rough with her. Last night she was screaming her head off til 11pm and then still woke up every 1 1/2 hours the whole night. I keep remembering how she consistently slept 5-7 hour stretches prior to getting sick in February and I miss those days. It gets old constantly running at 30%. My energy, positive attitude, patience with the girls, affection for my husband, excitement about moving- all take a huge toll when I am so tired. I'm just surviving and trying to 'get through' the day and I don't like living like that. I know this is a phase as it almost always is with children, but nonetheless it's a rough phase. Please Lord, help my little Evangeline to sleep better at night. Please!

Tomorrow morning we sign our lease at 10am. Craig has been working like a mad man to get everything ready. I haven't seen the house since Tuesday morning but I imagine it's all just boxes now. I'm a little anxious to see how everything is going to come together as there is so much work to do this weekend, but I have total faith in my husband that he'll do whatever needs to be done to get it finished.  He has moved A LOT in his life, unfortunately, so moving is nothing new to him.

I'm hoping to take lots of pictures this weekend and thank you in advance to dear friends that have offered their time and energy to help us get everything done. Saturday will be a busy party!

~I also want to insert a huge congratulations to 2 friends who have welcomed babies into their lives and hearts this week. One born last Sunday and one born today (on his mama's birthday). Babies are a huge blessing, no matter how tired and crazy they make us!

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