Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cool Finds

Well, slight change of plans. Elly has stopped napping again. After thinking it through I've realized it's probably to do with the fact that our house is all packed up and she's reacting to our stress. And then Evie has stopped sleeping at night. I mean, seriously, I was up til after 3am last night with her and then up again at 5, 7, 8, and 9:30. It was torture! I'm exhausted. SO, last night around 11pm we decided I should pack up the rest of my stuff and head to my mom's with the girls. We all need sleep and Eliana needs to be somewhere that is not just a tiny space filled with boxes and change. Grammy's house is a constant and sure enough I'm sitting here at Grammy's and Eliana has been asleep for the last 2 hours. So wow, last night was my last night in the old house. Crazy. I'm so tired I'm not really able to process it honestly, but I will eventually. I mean, tired doesn't even say it. I'm a zombie.

Craig will be packing up the rest of our stuff and living on Digiorno's and we'll meet Friday morning to sign the lease. Then moving begins!!! I just can't wait. I have NEVER had a house with a 'linen closet' or a 'coat closet' or more than one bathroom. This is huge and wonderous change for us :)

I wanted to share some cool finds I've gotten for the new house. Once we're moved I can take pictures of the rest- like the perfect designer couch I found for $75 :)
I love cobalt glass. Cobalt is probably my favorite color. This large vase was about $3 at Second Seasons in Poulsbo. It'll look great on our dining room table.

This cool green chair is solid wood painted a seafoamy color. It was only $35 at DanaLee's in Port Orchard. Might go in our living room or in a guest bedroom (wow, I'll have guest bedrooms for the first time in my life!)

The two white lamps and larger black one are from DanaLee's also ($15). Cool, old lamps :)

I call these 'stacking books'. Obviously my lamps are different heights, so you use cool, old vintage books under the lamps to make them even. The top one still has it's paper cover on it, but just take that off and it's a cool seafoamy color. I found several books from the 1940's about all the famous composers. They were 2 for $3.50 at Second Seasons in Poulsbo.

Alright, lots more finds to post later as I'm working on getting furniture and things for a house at the cheapest price possible. Craigslist is my friend! :)
In our current little house we have 1 couch and 1 awful, old loveseat and that's about it. Going from 760 sq ft to 2500 is a big change and we needed some furniture. It's amazing how much neat stuff I've found for SO cheap. Stay tuned.

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  1. Fun! I can't wait to see pics of your house once you are all settled in!