Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's moving week!

Well, here it is: the week of the big move! We get keys Friday, can you believe it? Thursday night will be my last night EVER in this little place. We've been here just over 5 years, which is about double how long we thought we'd be here, but at least we get out :) We packed a lot today and are seeing progress but the more you pack the more you realize there is to pack, ya know? I got all my clothes and the girls clothes packed and pretty much all the non perishable food items. We're getting there, box by box.

It's sort of nervewracking to move. I'm not sure why, but it is. I feel a little anxious not knowing where things are. That's a little OCD I guess, but it's the truth. I'll be wanting to unpack asap I'm sure just to be able to feel that everything has a place and everything is in it's place. Like today I thought about sending a thank you card I forgot to do months ago and realized my thank you cards are packed already. And then I thought about trying a new recipe for pumpkin mac n cheese tomorrow night but realized I told Craig to go ahead and pack all my casserole dishes. I will definitely want things unpacked quick! It's looking like Evie will get some quality time in her Baby Bjorn so I can be hands free to get things done.

Eliana is excited to move to our new, big house. When I ask her about it she says, YAY!!! Last night she went and found a small box and started running around grabbing her things and putting them in her box, "this can come and this can come. Baby's rocky can come and my froggy boots can come. This can come and my baby can come. etc." LOL. So cute.

Evangeline is 14 1/2 weeks already. She is still huge and getting bigger by the day. She's so yummy and has the most delicious smelling skin. She likes to sit up (while supported) and is starting to try to roll over. However her belly has been getting in the way :) She still gets up quite a bit at night. Some times it's only 3 times and I'm thankful and other days, and more frequently, it's 5 or 6 times or I lose count and I wake up in the morning feeling as if I haven't slept at all. She is in our bed and sometimes in her bassinet. I'm hoping and praying that once she is in her own room she'll start to sleep better. It was that way with Eliana, so we'll see. I don't expect her to sleep 12 hours on her own already, but when she wakes up at 2, 3:30, 5, 6, 7:15 and then 8 I start to feel like I'm going crazy. Let a mama sleep girl! I know this is a temporary time and I'm trying to just keep that in mind and have grace for her.

I haven't talked much about nursing, but I'll add that now at almost 15 weeks things are a piece of cake. She latches no problem and we don't really have to think about it. Considering I was told I had inverted nipples and needed a shield to feed Eliana, I'd say we're doing quite well :) No shields or formula and my girl is a chunk!
One thing I haven't tried with her is pumping and bottle feeding. I'm hoping to try once we're moved (since the pump and bottles are packed) and see if she'll take a bottle from Craig. I'm supposed to go to a bridal shower dinner in a few weeks and I'm not sure how they'll all feel about a baby coming along. Although if she won't take a bottle I'll have no choice. It's not that big of a deal really. I may have missed the boat by waiting so long to try.  Eliana would never take a bottle and we tried starting at a few weeks with her. I believe I might a lipase problem. It has to do with the fats in the milk and when they are cold and then heated they change flavors and get a metal-y taste. You can google it and get tons of info, but I think that's the gist. Yeah I know that's lazy blogging, but Evie is asleep on my lap right now and it's already 11pm, so I'm gonna be lazy :)

Anyway, I'm off to bed and hoping Evie will let me sleep tonight. This week is going to be busy! And maybe emotional I think. Even though we've wanted to move for the last 3 years, this house still has a lot of memories. It's the first home we bought, it's where I nursed Craig back to health (not literally, hehe) after his accident, it's where we brought both our babies home to, it's where we got and also buried our sweet Shih Tzu, Maxie.....there's a lot of emotions in all of that. Weird. Lots to process!

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  1. So excited for you, Diana! I am right up the road on Columbia in Suquamish so I hope we can have some mommy play dates! Your comment about Nursing your husband made me laugh! I totally know how you feel about getting attached to a place. I've moved lots in the last ten years and each time is just as hard as the last. Excited for you when you finally feel like the farmhouse is home!!