Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moving updates (is there an emoticon for tired)?

I was going to blog an update tomorrow, but realized I better just do it now or it might not happen.

We got keys Friday morning around 11am :) Craig hauled several loads in his truck and I went to the house to see what I could start. There was a bit of a problem that I found as I started looking around....the house was dirty. Food (or coffee or who the heck knows what it was) stains on the walls and doors, fingerprints on walls and doors, human and dog hairs on doors, walls, baseboards, carpet, etc. The kitchen had food residue and crumbs everywhere. One cupboard looked like someone made sloppy Joe's and splattered a spoon of it and then just left it. The blinds were all dusty and almost every room had cobwebs in it. I spent a good hour cleaning while Evangeline was sleeping. Then my mom got there and informed me as formal longtime landlord that a new tenant should not have to clean any of that stuff upon moving in. Ohhhh, I see. Hmmm. Well that's interesting. We had the moving truck and helpers lined up for 9am the next morning, so basically the ball was rolling and not about to stop. My mom and I walked around and kept noticing more things, like toothpaste dried up after dripping down the bathroom wall. Ew. Windows hadn't been cleaned, baseboards and walls were dirty, showers were full of scum, you name it. So my mom called the property manager and he came out an hour later and agreed with us; things were not up to par. It was a fair share of stress and frustration and by 9pm Friday night a cleaning company had been lined up for the next morning (paid for by the landlords). The cleaner came at 7am with 2 workers and they stayed for at least 5 hours, I lost track of time. They worked SO hard. Cathy from Tidbits cleaning was awesome (she's in Poulsbo). She agreed with me that things were not done and definitely shouldn't have passed a move-out inspection. Why things were left like that for us I have no idea, but I'm very grateful that a cleaning company could make it over on such short notice and get the house ready. There is no way I could've done the work of 3 people with 2 babies and let's face it- I shouldn't have to! The landlords felt really bad and I appreciate them allowing the cleaners to come remedy the situation. Cathy and her workers were our angels!

Saturday was a back breaking day for us and our faithful worker bees. Craig, my dad, and Josh Sawicki worked SO hard. Those guys pretty much pulled a 12 hour day only stopping to eat pizza real quick. I think the UHaul was 26 ft and they about filled it. I got teary last night thinking how hard our friends and family have been working to help us. I'm sure there's a million other things Josh and my dad could've been doing on a beautiful, sunny Saturday- but they worked their tails off to help us move and no amount of Thank You's can cover that. @Amber- give Josh a free pass this week and lots of love, Craig says he worked super hard :)

And of course my work horse husband has been pulling all nighters all week getting things ready and then maybe getting a couple hours of sleep each night. Since I haven't been living with him since last Tuesday (at my mom's with the girls during transition) I'm not so sure he's been eating either :(

I was blessed to not only have fun company during the day yesterday, but willing hands and happy hearts to help unload and put things away; Amber, Gracie, Mellissa, Kelsey, Barb, and my mom. They worked extremely hard. I'm sure every one of them was sore last night. At one point we all looked out the window to see Barb pushing Gracie on the tire swing and Alivia on a trike and Kelsey pushing Eliana on another trike. It was precious. I thought, "that's exactly what I wanted to happen in that yard." :)

My mom has been pulling very long days with me. She pretty much got the kitchen all put together today. Kelsey and I got the girls rooms unpacked today and my bedroom is getting there. I'm so thankful for parents that now live 5 minutes away and are willing and able to put in hard work for us. I wish I could buy everyone something to say thank you for helping us. I know nothing is expected and that's good I guess since I can't buy stuff anyway, haha, but I am just so grateful. Moving is so much work and you forget that until you move! The last time Craig and I moved was in early 2006. We'd been married 8 months and didn't have much stuff and certainly didn't have any kids living with us :)

I'm not gonna lie, moving with a 2 year old and 3 month old is tricky. I can't just buckle down and unpack for 6 straight hours. I have to keep an eye on Elly, which is a challenge in a huge home I'm learning. And then I have to keep Evie happy and stop to nurse her whenever needed. I am grateful to be breastfeeding though. I can't imagine trying to keep up on bottles and all that junk amidst moving. Evie has been a very good baby. Yesterday she just had a brief moment of screaming and was otherwise quite wonderful during the day. Things are a little funky with Eliana. The lack of structure and routine is starting to show. She's not listening very well and a bit moody. But hey, this is a huge life change, I expected a bit of fall out. Things will get back to normal in a matter of time.

On a cheerful note (if this blog sounds sad it's just cuz I'm SO tired), the living room is darling. All the pieces I have been finding here and there came together exactly like I hoped they would. DanaLee's stuff looks awesome and I totally love the couch I found on craigslist for $75. Pictures will come soon hopefully. I need a break in this chaos to download and all that.
The china hutch friends gave us a couple years ago is finally on display with my great grandmothers tea cups and the piano has found it's new home!!! The funky green WWII hutch is perfect in the kitchen. The dining room table I grew up with has a new home in my kitchen and the formal dining set my grandparents gave us is in the dining room :) Many family dinners were held around that table. I'm honored that our family trusts us with these special pieces. I love having things in my home that have stories, history, character, and come from people I love so much.

There is much to do still, but I'm trying to take life one box at a time lest I have a meltdown :) I hear the basement is out of control and so I haven't even looked down there. It appears I might be single handedly supplying all needed items for the Moms and More Rummage Sale on April 16th (at CKA in Poulsbo). Like that plug??? haha, but honestly I am sorting through things as I open boxes and am getting rid of things we don't use or need. Many boxes have been in our basement for the last 5 years so I don't even know what we have. Craig's accident happened 4 months after we bought our house and life stood still. A lot of things just stayed in boxes and then we didn't have room for them anyhow. I'm very curious what things will turn up during the unpacking. I did find my old white sweatshirt that says "I heart Craig" on the back :) I wore that the morning of my wedding to get my hair done.

Tonight should be my last night at my mom's house. The plan is to pack up all my stuff from here and head to the new house in the morning- for good. I'm looking forward to seeing my husband more. I've hardly seen him for a whole week! And of course, we'll be steadily unpacking.

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