Monday, March 28, 2011

The Tired Mommy Chronicles, Part II

Ok, so after that first very successful Cry It Out night I thought we were heading to nights of blissful sleep for all of us. It was not to be. Each night she cried the same (if not longer!) and started waking more during the night. *Sigh*. Last night was horrible. She cried for 45 minutes and wasn't about to give up so I went in to calm her, nurse her, and rock her. Then she cried another 40 minutes. What gives??? After that Craig and I decided she'd be back in our bed at least for the night. She woke a few times, but just to nurse and went right back to sleep.

Evie is very social. She is also a definite mama's girl. When she falls asleep in my arms (which is her preferred method) she'll wake a few times just to check that I'm there. As soon as she sees me she smiles and drifts back off to sleep. Cute, right? Yes, and also sort of annoying. It's not possible for me to hold her every second that she is asleep and this is where the issue is. In her perfect world I would always hold her and she'd never need to sleep alone...but that is just unrealistic and driving me to insanity.

We aren't sure if she's just not ready for CIO or if that method won't work for her. It worked beautifully for Eliana who was only 16 weeks. Within a matter of days she slept awesome. Evie, who is almost 17 weeks, is still giving me a run for my money! I just don't see how to get out of this chaos with her. I enjoyed having my bed back, but not at the expense of her crying for 1 1/2 hours every night. Poor baby :( Most of the CIO material out there says let them cry for 15 or so minutes and if they aren't asleep yet, go calm them and repeat that. What baby cries asleep after a mere 15 minutes? Certainly not a child of mine. I guess I'm feeling a little hopeless that CIO didn't work and that I'm still not getting any sleep. Why it worked that first night and none of the nights after that I don't know.

She'll be going to the dr soon for her 4 month appointment and I'm going to ask for some ideas and what she thinks is going on. The other thing is that Evie was sneezing a ton yesterday so I wonder if she's getting a cold or something.

And yes, I know, I signed up for this. I have to admit that when someone without children says how tired and exhausted they are my first thought is ,"you don't even know the meaning of the word tired!" My most tired night pre-kids doesn't even compare to now.  This is a slow sort of torture. Every night you get worn down more and then occasionally you get a 8 or 9 hour stretch (which you try to take advantage of if the other kids are also asleep) so you get your hopes up that it's going to get better and then the next night it's back to no sleep. Torture! And yet somehow the little munchkin's seem happy and well rested the next day.

Alright, that's all for now. My 2 girls are awake and chatty. It's as if they have a built in caffeine drip :)


  1. Oh my gosh Diana! I have the same thought when I looked at my son after a long night and he seems so well rested and I feel like crap! It doesn't seem fair. I hope your doctor can give you some good ideas and then you will get relief sooner rather than later.

  2. Oh Diana. I'm sorry you are so tired! I definitely feel for you. Been there, done that :) We didn't do CIO with out kids until they were over 12 months old. Mati slept with me for those 12 months and nursed throughout the night and for US it was the best way I got sleep. Angelo was deployed and the twins were good sleepers by then in their cribs so Mati just knocked out when we did. My other sanity saver was to put her in a Moby or other carrier during the day. I know, not ideal but she just was the kind of baby that had to be held close by mama a lot! I just hope you find something that works for you!!! And remember, this will pass!! Someday these sleepless nights will be a blur.

  3. Hi Diana,
    I found your blog through the omnipresent and fabulous Ms. K. Machen on facebook. This post! I have written one just like it over on my blog. It's rough! But we all know you'll get through, hang in there Mama.
    My boy (12 weeks old) and I went through the transition to crib from family bed about a month ago. The first week or so was rough, I felt more than a little crazy and weepy and exhausted. But he's sleeping like a champ now! He still won't nap in his crib, wants to make sure he doesn't miss any action, but at night he's sleeping in there for the whole night with only one middle of the night feeding.
    Anyway...I love the title of your blog and your family is precious. Glad to *meet* another new, local Mama who's working it with all she's got :)