Friday, April 22, 2011


This has been a busy week! Last weekend Moms and More had our last fundraiser of the year, our annual Rummage Sale. It went well and it was a huge blessing to have so many hands helping. The other coordinator even missed an extended family event to be there and the commitment of our women really made it the great event that it was.

This weekend I am part of the cast for Gateway Fellowship's Easter Sunday message, "Greater". It's been a huge blessing being a part of it. I cried learning my lines because my story in the message is so similar to what Craig and I went through in real life. My mom will be my backstage helper with Evangeline while I'm on stage :) During rehearsal Evangeline was asleep in the Ergo and I was thinking, "wow, I am definitely a mom! On stage, mic'd, running lines, with a baby asleep on me. ha!" We'll be doing 4 services on Sunday. Come on out and see it!

Tomorrow is the annual Easter egg hunt and Elly will be so darn cute :) Then tomorrow night Jacob flies in! He won't get here til almost midnight I think, but then he'll be here for almost 2 months. His room is ready and I've already gotten him some clothes. I found Quicksilver and Abercrombie today at Rock A Buy Consignment. I got 2 huge bags of clothes with stuff for all three kids for only $30!

Today my sister and I made four 9x13's of Ultimate Scalloped Potatoes for Easter Sunday dinner. There's a big shindig at my parent's house. I'm excited for Jacob to see what a Christian Easter is like and to experience a family day. And the food will be awesome!

Life has been go-go-go every single day, but I'm enjoying it and learning to say yes when I feel that gentle tug of the Holy Spirit. I really believe that's what prompted me to kindly email Craig's ex about Jacob coming. Since then there's been a few other things, but I'll blog about that later.

Miss Evie is 20lbs (seriously!) of sweet smelling baby passed out on me right now, but she has been sleeping 5-7 hours in her crib each night. After the 1st wakeup she pretty much goes back to sleep with us after nursing and I'm good with that for now. She is so snuggly and sweet and smells amazing. And she always wakes up with the biggest grins. Sometimes Craig and I just start laughing because it can be 6:30am and she'll wake up instantly happy. She's a chubby cherub.

Yesterday my mom and I spent 2 hours at Women Infant Children in Silverdale. We were on WIC 2 years ago when Craig was laid off and it was incredible how much getting the basic stuff for free really helped out. Once he went back to work we no longer qualified. Then in June 2010 Eliana got on Medicaid (state paid healthcare) and apparently her having the "Provider One Card" makes us qualify (income doesn't matter), only I just found that out last week! And really in good timing since we'll have another mouth to feed (and a pre-teen boy at that) yet we still have to pay his mom child support the whole time he is here. I used to feel shameful or some pride about accepting any government help. But having my girls on State medical has been more of a help than I can even say and without it we'd be paying out of pocket for EVERYTHING. Craig and I don't qualify and so we basically have no insurance since it's a $7k deductible, but at least the girls are covered. Anyway, for those who don't know, WIC gets you milk, tuna, cereal, lentils/beans, fresh produce, eggs, juice, cheese, and baby food. It's such a big help and I'm saying "Thank you Jesus!" It's also really nice to see our tax dollars in service.

The other really cool thing is how WIC is totally about advocating breastfeeding. It's really awesome. There were posters on all the walls, brochures all over the place, you get asked a couple times how it's going, and I even got a cool shirt for Evie that says, "I eat at Moms"! The ladies there are really friendly and they don't treat you like you are 'less than' because you are getting help.

So today I was able to go to Central Market and get milk, eggs, cheerio's, grape juice, and tuna and it didn't cost me anything. Such a blessing and I don't at all take it for granted. For more info on WIC, check out . There are income requirements, but if your children are under the age of 5 and on Medicaid, you automatically qualify :)

Anyway, lots of busy and crazy days coming up soon! Have a great Easter all.

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