Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cloth Diapers: How it's going...

Evie has been in cloth diapers for 2 1/2 full days now...other than 1 disposable this morning. I've done diaper laundry 2x, but if I go full fledged cloth diapering I'm hoping to have enough to only wash every 3ish days.

I have to say, I'm actually enjoying the cloth diapers. Her already chubby hiney is just bigger and even more round :) I feel like I'm doing something good for her every time I put a cloth diaper on her. I love that I'm not putting any chemicals on her. It just feels so natural- good for her, good for the environment. Washing the diapers is easy enough. Sort of a pain needing to rinse first and then wash because it means an extra trip downstairs, but not bad and Craig has been helping. If (or probably more just when) I go to cloth diapers I'll need a few things; wet bag for the diaper bag, hanging wet bag/diaper pail/bucket/etc for the nursery, Country Save/Rockin Green/etc (cloth diaper friendly detergent)....what am I missing???

So far my favorite diapers are the Fuzzi Bunz. They are pretty incredible. SO easy and her skin feels nice when I take the diaper off. She hasn't leaked or blown out in these either. The Good Mama diapers are really nice also, but they need a waterproof cover and I'm not sure I want to do that full time. I do like the idea of that for night thought since the GM's are very absorbent, thick, and comfy. Maybe someone will just have a few they want to sell me....???

I know on Tuesday I said I liked the Thirsties fitteds best, but I believe the size S ones are too little for Evie because we kept having leakage/blowout issues. That made me not like them anymore, but the Good Mama's are a fitted and I do like them, so I'm still open to it. I'm thinking I'll go the pocket diaper route at this point. My friends were right and they do dry faster than All in Ones. They also absorb better than fitteds. Gee I have good friends, they are so right!

I'm pretty much sold, just still trying them out, looking for good deals, etc :)

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