Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Potty training: Day 1

Today was a momentous occasion in the Frazier household! My oldest child, sweet 2 1/2 year old Eliana, started potty training! Can you believe it? She drinks from a real cup, eats whatever we're eating, wears undies...what's next? College?

I had wanted to start potty training a couple weeks ago but decided to hold off with Jacob just getting here and all the change that brings. But yesterday I walked in on her in the bathroom trying to get her diaper off to sit on the toilet- 2x! So, off to Walmart we went last night to buy lots of undies and a potty seat to go on the toilet. This morning when she got out of bed she immediately remembered it was time for "new undies". We said bye-bye to her diapers first. I took the diaper caddy and emptied the contents into a box and we said goodbye and kissed a diaper farewell. I will put them in the basement for baby sissy to grow into but as far as Eliana knows, there are NO diapers for her anymore! Then we put on her new undies, Dora was her choice, a short dress and went to the bathroom to try and go potty. Nothing came out so we headed downstairs for breakfast. During this time I reminded her "we want to keep our new undies nice and dry, pee pee goes in the potty, ok?" For breakfast she had high fiber oatmeal because I wanted to make sure she had to go #2 today. Then I gave her a glass of milk and a sippy with 1/4 white grape juice and 3/4 water. The idea is to flood the child with liquids so they get LOTS of practice going potty. After breakfast I tried her on the potty again and still nothing. Then within 10 minutes there was a huge puddle on the floor, seat, and her clothes :( I said, "uh-oh! Pee-pee goes in the potty, ok? We want to keep our undies nice and dry and go pee pee in the big toilet just like mommy." I said it casually and made sure it wasn't a reprimand. Then we went on with playing. Over the next hour or so there were a few more attempts on the toilet with no success and 2 more accidents :( I was starting to feel nervous, honestly. But, then she started peeing and caught herself and said, "uh oh, pee pee!!!" We ran to the toilet and she finished on the potty. That was pretty much her last accident of the day other than just tiny leaks here and there. The rest of the day she went in the toilet a whopping 25 more times! And yes, we pretty much lived in the bathroom. I realized I couldn't be distracted at all and really had to watch her for any signs of needing to go. In a big house like this it was a bit of a challenge. I had to be with her at all times, with a cranky 5 month old on my hip. Sometimes she initiated and sometimes I had to remind her. She loves going on the toilet though! When she goes we say, "yay Elly, you did it!!!! " We do a cheer and clap for her. Then she "wipes her pee pee", pulls up her undies, and flushes the toilet.  There were a few times she wanted to be alone and she'd say, "bye bye mama!". I walked away but still within earshot to hear the tinkle.

For every success she gets 1 jelly belly and 2 for a #2. I was waiting all day for that #2 and gosh darn it I was washing dishes and didn't notice her grunting! We got her on the toilet right after but missed the boat on that one. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get it. She seems to really understand that pee pee goes in the potty and she does not like having wet undies. All of my friends that suggested having a lot of underwear were totally right! I bought 3 packages at Walmart and we'll return what we end up not needing. Today we used a lot though.

A generous friend brought us a cute froggy potty seat today. We were playing outside when she came and Eliana promptly christened the seat- 2 different times! ha! I am really glad that Elly is going potty on the normal toilet inside the house, but having a potty chair will be SO helpful if we're out playing on our property and for car rides. A wise friend told me that when they have to go, they HAVE to go. A car ride from Poulsbo to Bremerton is way too long for a 2 year old that has to pee (hey, it's pretty much too long for me!) and unloading 3 kids and trying to get in a store before she pees is just unrealistic. If I have a potty seat in the back of the car she can just go real quick without me unloading the other kids. Genius! It will also be wonderful for camping this summer :)

As far as nap time goes, it didn't really happen. I put her down in just undies and 20 minutes later I thought I heard her say "poo poo" on the monitor. I RAN up there and we tried on the toilet but it was a false alarm. I put her back down but within 10 minutes heard, "this is a big pee pee. I'm gonna take my undies off." LOL. So back upstairs I went. She had done a small pee so we changed her and let her finish on the toilet. I decided nap was a lost cause at that point. She is now in bed in just jammies and undies (yikes!), so we'll see how it goes. Worst case I wash her jammies and bedding. Craig made her crib so there's a sheet, then waterproof cover, then another sheet in case I need to change it in the middle of the night. I'm not at all expecting her to wake up totally dry, but I want to give her a try and see what she's ready for. To be honest, I wet the bed occasionally until I was 5 or 6 I think. This is a part of development that can't be rushed. Some kids sleep very deeply and don't get the signal to wake up for pee. I'm hoping she doesn't struggle with it like I did since I remember being embarrassed at sleep overs, but either way she'll be ok. I did buy a small pack of Pull Ups and am not afraid to use them if need be, but I just thought we'd try and see what happens :) I'd rather her body tell me it's not ready than me tell her body it's not ready.

So far it appears that my gut was right and she was really ready to potty train. There's no going back now and that's kind of surreal. She is my little Elly but yet she's so quickly transitioning out of toddler hood! The next thing to go will be her crib, which is another issue at night. If she does wake up to pee I'll have to hear her on the monitor since she can't just go in and go potty by herself.

Wish us luck and pray for us for tomorrow and the following days! Potty training is a little challenging with an 11 year old and 5 month old needing me also, but we're doing it :)

Today's count: 4 accidents and 26 successes!

Keys to success:

Stay home. Don't go anywhere for a few days!

Quit diapers cold turkey. Have a big stash of undies at the ready.

Load them up with water, juice, and milk. The more they drink the more 'practice' they'll get.

Pay attention to your child for any cues of needing to go and prompt them to go.

Reward them! Stickers, jelly beans, chocolate chips, M & M's, etc.

NEVER berate them for an accident. Be kind and encouraging at all times.

Have stools near the toilets so they can get up to the seat by themselves. The little seats that go on the toilet are nice and even better is the 2-in-1 seat for adults and toddlers. It's amazing and $30 at Walmart. We could only afford 1 but I'd put them on every toilet if I could.

Be positive and cheerful during the day. Make your child feel special!

And yes, I am an authority on this subject after 1 day of potty training.....lol :)

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  1. Great job Diana AND great job on your comments on your blog. I look forward to personally celebrating Eliana's big successes!