Thursday, May 5, 2011

Potty Training Day 2 and 3

I had been warned by several moms about how terrible potty training can be. I read the blogs and Dr. Sears articles and I quite frankly feared it! However I'm learning there is not much a paper towel and lysol wipe can't remedy. Potty training is not the end of the world! :)

Yesterday's count was:Accidents-3, Successes-21

Today's count was:Accidents- 3 1/2, Successes-13

The biggest issue right now is that Eliana is afraid to go poop in the toilet. Apparently this is usually the biggest hurdle in potty training and a normal fear with children. When she was in diapers (oh my gosh *tears*...she's in undies now, what a big girl!) she would go off and find a corner to do her business. Like a mama cat she wanted to be alone with no one looking at her or pressuring her. I'm hoping that if we can get her to go poo at least once in the toilet we can just make it a circus in here celebrating how awesome she is and then she'll always want to do it in there. I fed her high fiber oatmeal for breakfast, strawberries for snack, lentil and spinach soup for about Fiber and still nothing! It's bound to happen eventually and I'm trying to not make it a big deal in the meantime. Last night we spent almost 2 hours trying to get her to go poop and she kept crying and saying "buns owie!" But she clenched that little hiney and didn't let anything out. Now she's probably backed up :( this blog really about POOP? What has my life come to??? ha!

She's been doing very well and I'm so proud of her. Half of the time she forgets about the jelly beans and so that's nice, too. Her little best friend just potty trained also. They are 6 weeks apart and totally different personalities. But we mothers will make them friends gosh darn it! Eliana is touchy-feely. She loves to hug and snuggle, hold hands, share everything, and be 'buddies'. Alivia is more independent and much less touchy-feely- this is where the conflict happens. My little touchy girl is holding on for dear life for a hug and kiss and poor Alivia is trying to escape the little clingy hands! It's funny to watch and we know someday we'll just laugh about it and they'll be walking off hand in hand to play. Alivia has mastered poo and pee on the toilet so hopefully Eliana isn't too far behind :)

Eliana stayed about 98% dry during yesterday's super short 30 minute nap and then amazingly stayed dry all night, too. Incredible. Granted she was up before 7am (NOOO!!!), but staying dry was awesome. Today she napped for about 2 hours and her pull up was wet, but I was really grateful for the nap. I decided to go with pull ups or 'special undies' as we call them for night time so I wouldn't be changing sheets 2x a day. We'll see how it goes. I also have waterproof diaper covers (just the thin plastic undies from Walmart) that I can use over undies if needed. That way they still have that icky wet underwear feeling but the sheets aren't a wreck. I'm not positive that she's developmentally able to hold her pee all night every night so we'll just see how it goes. I think I will also talk to the pediatrician about it next week when we go in to check on the girl's ears.

Today she drove me a little crazy by sitting on the toilet and insisting she needed to go pee but then not actually peeing. It was like I was watching the minutes of the day go down the toilet instead of her pee. Frustrating. I realize now that it's not that big of a deal and I just need to breathe and give her grace. She's only 2 1/2 and learning something new. Take a chill pill Diana! Sometimes life overwhelms me (lots going on, not just the potty training!) and I become Debbie Downer. In those moments I'm grateful for friends.

I will say that Potty Training is fairly exhausting. As a mama you have to be on high alert at all times to watch for cues. In a diaper Elly could go off and play for an hour and I didn't even think twice. Now it's like, "uh-oh, where is she? Elly, do you need to go potty!" PANIC! My house is 98% carpet- light beige carpet, too.
Overall, potty training has not been something to fear. It's a huge milestone in development and something we will continue to work through in the weeks and months to come. I am so proud of her :)

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