Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Changes

Wow, life has been busy and it's not even officially summer yet! The three kids keep me busy from 7am to 9pm and then I have a few hours to watch TV/google/birth group chat/coupon research/etc with Evie passed out on me.

Evangeline is 6 months old. She is a very happy, smiley baby. She's 20lb15oz and 27 inches. That puts her at greater than the 97th percentile for weight and the 82nd percentile for height :) She is fat and happy with just mama's milk. I'm not sure when I'll start her on 'food' but for now we're doing just fine with breast milk only. I only wish she was a better sleeper. That is really my only complaint with her. Most days she doesn't sleep more than 20-30 minutes the entire day. She won't nap in a crib, won't nap in her swing, and will only fall asleep on me on or in the Ergo (which is still on me) and even then she doesn't sleep long. It's rather amazing how pleasant she is considering the major lack of sleep. It's mostly just hard as a mom when you honestly never get a break. At night she usually sleeps from 7:30-10 or 11 on me and then nurses and goes in her crib and sleeps to anywhere from 3am-6am, then nurses again and gets up for the day at 6:30 or 7. I never even knew a 6 month old could go 12 hours without a real nap. It's craziness!

She is doing great in her cloth diapers. I am still waiting on my Sunbaby Diapers shipment so for now I'm doing laundry every other day. Once I have the Sunbaby's and a package a friend is sending me (whoop whoop Heather!) I should be able to go 3 or 4 days easily :) That'll be fabulous! The Fuzzibuns have been wonderfully easy and we haven't had any leakage. One time I forgot to change her for several hours and she leaked a little but that was my fault. At night I double stuff her Fuzzibunz (2 inserts) and she's fine in the morning. I love the look and feel of cloth diapers and I can't believe I never did this earlier!

There have been some major changes in the Frazier household over the past week and that's what has kept me off my blog, sorry about that!
Jacob has been staying with us since the night before Easter. He is a sweet, caring boy with a sense of humor, zest for life, and lots of energy! After about a month we started noticing that he really wanted to be here for school and to try things out here. He was making little comments here and there and if we'd try to ask him about it or talk with him about things he'd just start crying and saying how much he loved his mom and that he didn't want to hurt her feelings. We were praying about things and trying to decide what to do. We didn't want to insult, hurt, or make his mom feel attacked, but yet we sensed in our hearts that it was maybe time for him to stay here for a little while. Our fear was that his mom would say no without event thinking about it, but we were really feeling a stirring in our hearts that I know was the Holy Spirit. I believe it was last Monday and Jacob seemed kind of down. I was in the living room with him and the girls and just started talking to him about things and he got very emotional. I could tell he was really worried about how his mom would feel, but also really wanted to stay here for school. I tried to comfort him and explain that there are things that kids need dads for and it doesn't mean his mom is a bad mom at all, but boys need their dads. He got even more emotional and was trying to tell me that he wanted to be able to do boy stuff and be with his dad and just be a kid. My heart felt so sad for him and I was crying with him. I talked with Craig about the conversation later and he felt strongly that he should just call her. He prayed and then I prayed and then he went outside to call. Long story shorter it was a good call and the dialogue was left open; she needed time to think it over understandably. Craig, Jacob and Jacob's mom ended up having a speakerphone conversation that night and she told Jacob she was fine with him staying here for the school year. After the call Jacob seemed so relieved, it was like an elephant was off his back. He was happy and chatting up a storm about all the things he was excited for. I asked him if he felt better knowing his mom was OK and not mad at him at all. He got quiet and nodded his head. I sent him and Craig off to DQ for celebratory blizzards :) Since then things have been great. Jacob seems freed up to enjoy life here and get settled. It's hard to really invest in people and a place when in the back of your head you keep thinking about leaving. Now that he knows he gets to stay for a while he seems so content and open.

We really feel so blessed. The Holy Spirit has been working and doing some amazing things here and we're just along for the ride! Eliana loves her big brother and it's really great getting to know him and spend more time with him. The longest we'd ever had him prior to this trip was 2 weeks. It's extremely hard to get to know someone in 2 weeks a year. Just when things start to feel comfortable it's time to go! We're praying and trusting God to work out the details and to continue to provide for us. Maybe a 6 or 7 passenger vehicle will just fall out of the sky! lol. For now Jacob is sitting in between his little sister's carseats. He doesn't complain but I feel bad for him being squished between them. Anyway, all in due time...


  1. Just an FYI, with two of my kids that were breastfed, I noticed a major change (the positive kind!) in their sleeping habits, when I started them on solid foods. Carla wasn't breastfed for reason, but she too made a move in the right sleeping direction when she went on solids. You might want to try it sooner than later, or maybe just at night time? !

  2. So happy to hear about Jacob. How wonderful he gets to spend time with his dad!

    And Evie is too cute. Can you believe all the chunk comes from breastmilk? :) Mati was super chunky too. We didn't start solids until she was 10 months and really she didn't eat much solid food until she was a year old.