Saturday, June 25, 2011

Having a really crappy night. It's 1am and Evie is screaming her head off. She refuses to sleep. Every week I pray and hope that her sleepless ways will change and I might get to live my days with my brain intact again, but nope. She won't sleep. She won't nap other than 20 minute catnaps in the Ergo which are few and far between and the VERY occasional longer nap but only while I'm holding her. NEVER in her crib or the swing. She hardly sleeps at night either. I mean, come on, it's 1 AM Evie, go the freak to sleep! And Elly will be up in about 6 hours so my opportunity to get any sleep tonight is very quickly passing by.

Jacob is at a slumber party and Elly has been asleep for over 4 hours. I was looking forward to a Friday night with Craig, but that didn't happen either. He put Elly down for bed and left to chop and stack wood til the sun went down. I feel about as wanted and desirable as a dirty sock in the bottom of a gym bag right now.

About 3 minutes ago I put Evie in her crib. She's in her room screaming right now but I needed to put her down because I was getting too angry. Craig is passed out on the couch so it's just me and the frustration and exhaustion of having a 7 month old that doesn't sleep. I think it probably sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. I wish I was. I can't find words when I'm talking sometimes, I forget to do things or call people, I'm irritable with Elly and Jacob; I'm just so freaking tired!

I'm not a fan of cuss words and particularly the F word, I think they are unclassy. But tonight I can really appreciate this book- .

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