Thursday, June 16, 2011

If only you had my view right now....I'm the luckiest girl. Evie, all 21lbs of her, is passed out on my lap. Her lips tend to open up as she sleeps and I can smell the faint scent of breastmilk from her mouth :) She is precious. When this happens (her falling asleep on me), as it does daily, I have 2 options- try to put her down and get things down or just relax and let her sleep. I've decided today to not fight it and just let her sleep on me. I get to Facebook, watch Rachel Ray, and the house will get cleaned....later.

Cloth diapering is going well. I have almost 40 diapers now. How did that happen? Ebay and amazing friends. Heather and Stephanie, you ladies rock! I can go at least 3 days without washing diapers and sometimes longer. I still love the Fuzzibunz and Goodmama's and I'm liking the Rumparoos also. I got my Sunbaby order last week and they are very cute and soft inside. However, Evie leaks in them. I change her and within an hour her pants are wet. Super annoying. I'm thinking I'll have to use 2 inserts in the Sunbabies unless I want to keep changing pants all day, which I don't.

There has been so much happening in life lately and it's sort of like I'm just hanging on for the ride! I am praying a lot and trying to step out in faith and make good decisions about things. I feel happy with myself to look at the me of 4 years ago and the me I am today and I know I've changed, grown, and matured as a person. Being a mother is a huge part of that. Now if only I had 5 minutes with my husband with no kids...that would be nice! Evie is 6 1/2 months. Guess how long it's been since we had a date??? Ding ding ding, you have answered correct! Over 6 1/2 months! lol

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