Monday, June 27, 2011

We took Jacob to the pediatrician for his well child visit today. Overall he is healthy. It was a tad surprising to find out he is having a hard time seeing in one eye. His mom said he had eye insurance with her, so I'm a little befuddled as to why he never got glasses. We have a referral to an eye doctor for him because as it stands, he won't even be able to see the blackboard in class this fall. Poor kid.
He is 75% for height and 90% for weight, and that's after having lost nearly 12lbs in the 2 months he has been with us. She said to keep doing what we're doing; keeping him active, healthy meals, etc and his weight should continue to even out over time. There is a night and day difference from pics when he first got her until now. He looks so much leaner and healthier and not puffy like he was. He makes comments about his belly shrinking and feeling good about that :)

While at the dr's I had her look in Evie's ears and sure enough, another infection. It's only been 6 weeks since the last one :( Looks like both my girls will be having tubes done. The ped said Evie has the worst ears she's ever seen in a baby her age and especially one who is breastfeeding. Bummer.

We started Evie on some non-breastmilk food a few days ago. She gnawed on my watermelon on Father's Day and LOVED it. 3 days ago I gave her some pureed squash and she was digging it! She age a whole 2 ounces after just breastfeeding. Today she had some ham and wasn't a huge fan, but I'll keep trying. There is good research out about good first foods and I gotta tell you, cereal is not it! I chatted with the ped about it today and she agreed with this- Weston Price- Nourishing a Growing Baby .

PS. I know my blog sucks lately. I'm beyond tired, what can I say. lol

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