Wednesday, July 20, 2011

At the risk of people thinking I'm crazy or offending my friends who are so far TTC unsuccessfully...I really miss being pregnant. I can't wait to be pregnant again. It seems there are pregnant people everywhere and I'm slightly jealous!
Miracles can and do happen and God can make me pregnant at any time, but so far for me to get pregnant it's meant fertility meds. Which means I can't nurse. There is no way I would wean a 7 month old to start working on getting pregnant again. So for now I will just enjoy my busy life raising 3 kids and dream happily about someday being pregnant again. I wish pregnancy lasted like 12 months.....10 months goes by way too fast!


  1. As for pregnancy lasting 12months, you're nuts... LOL but, I do understand missing being pregnant. There is something fulfilling about feeling your child grow inside of you, the flutters and kicks. I've been cherishing every moment of this pregnancy because there is a BIG chance it will be the last and that breaks my heart. I've been growing babies for 8years now.... dont know what Im going to do when Im not LOL!!!! It will happen in time, enjoy your sweet baby now. The more children you add to your family the faster the infancy stage goes, theyre babies one moment and in the hustle and bustle of life they become toddlers...

  2. you are crazy. :D weren't you just commenting last week about how sleep deprived you were?

    Geez let a mom get one nights sleep and she already wants more babies. lol.

    :) (don't worry we love Crazy Di just as well)