Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Couponing and Sleep

Over the last 2 days I have bought over $230 worth of groceries for a whopping $39. Insane right?? That's 83% savings. We are pretty much set on cold cereal and granola bars for several months. And milk...holy cow it's coming out my ears! I have like 5 gallons in my fridge, 2 in my freezer, and coupons for 5 more free ones! Drink up ;)
The Poulsbo Albertson's is so coupon friendly, I love them. I have never had a rude checker or one that was hard to deal with about coupons. Nelly is fabulous and Tina and Reina (sp?) are really nice, too. And generally speaking people behind me in line are more credulous than anything. Tonight the lady behind me was like, "what? You got all that for $7???" ha!
And, once again....cell phone pics, sorry! You'll see a lot of boxes of cheerios, these ended up being anywhere from 31cents to 50 cents a box!

This transaction was $23 (worth $130ish)! And ya know it's not all junk food, despite what I or anyone else might've thought about couponing. This is: 8 boxes of cheerios, 4 boxes of golden grahams, 2 loaves Franz whole wheat bread, 4 boxes fiber one bars, 4 boxes nature valley bars, 1 large m&m bag, 2 small m&m bags, 2 Darigold milks, 1 32 load All, 2 gerber puffs, 3 S&W low sodium canned beans, 1 box waffle cones= $23 total and I have 3 more free milk coupons :)

This transaction was $7 (worth $50) 
4 boxes cheerios, 2 boxes Emerald breakfast on the go trail mix, 2 4-packs yoplait yogurt, 4 3-packs 100% juice, 4 boxes Gushers. Also got another free milk coupon.

This one was $9 (worth $50)
4 boxes cheerios, 2 packages oreos, 4 Gerber puffs, 1 Lysol toilet cleaner, 1 Albertson's baked beans, 1 Kettle chips bag, 1 Ronzoni pasta box, 1 Albertson's french bread. And I got another free milk coupon!

Jacob is my coupon helper and that's fun. He's learning a lot and honestly, finding good deals and couponing is a great life skill to have! I encourage you to involve your older children as much as you can. 

Please check out Coupon Connections for more info and all the cool leads that I follow. Amber runs that site and she lives fairly locally. Thank you Amber!

So, in addition to couponing, life has just been busy. What's new, right? Last Saturday was our 6th wedding anniversary :) So much has happened in that 6 years it's just mind boggling. But probably the best thing is that we still enjoy each other's company and still love each other. Having God as the center of our marriage and family makes a tremendous difference, that's for sure. My mom took Jacob and Eliana Friday night so Craig and I got a whole 24 hours with just one child. It was amazing! We went to dinner at the Golden Grill Mongolian Restaurant which just so happens to be exactly where I first met Craig. I was singing karaoke and he was hooked, the rest is history! My brother was so thoughtful and called ahead and paid for our meal. Totally awesome! Then we went and saw the 8pm showing of Horrible Bosses (we love Jason Bateman, he's Hi-Lar-IOUS!). It had a TON of language, but otherwise funny and just nice to be in a theatre as a couple. The last time we saw a movie together was the last Twilight movie! Evie was great the whole night. She put up with tons of errands; Rite Aid, Target, World Market, etc. And then sat happily in the high chair at the restaurant (first time in a wooden high chair!). She wouldn't have cried at all except she was trying to chew the high chair and banged her head on the glass table top :( Poor baby. Then she did stellar at the movie. She fought sleep the first 10 minutes and made us nervous, but then passed out and slept the whole time. She was awake but super quiet on the way home and Craig said, "wow, she's so good you almost forget she's here!" That's our little Evie-roo. She just goes with the flow. 
Saturday was Craig's 33rd birthday (woop woop!), we went to Costco and it was a mad house but fun to go with just one kid. It's incredible how easy having one child is. You don't realize that until you have 3! Even 2 is so much easier than 3, and again, you don't realize that until you have 3. lol!
It was a busy but great weekend as a family.

Alright, let's talk sleep. First off, I should be sleeping right now. It's nearly 1 am and Evie will be waking me up around 7am probably. Yikes! 
Eliana hasn't napped in almost a week. I'm not sure what the deal is, but she just sings, plays, cried, etc in her crib and won't sleep. I'm hoping it's a phase. Today we were at a friend's house so I just didn't even bother to put her down for a nap. She passed out in the car for 20 minutes though and she almost never does that! Time will tell whether naps are off the table for good for her. I hope not! She is happier and more pleasant when she naps.
On the other hand, my little non-sleeper Evangeline is becoming a sleeper! Hallelujah! 3 nights ago I just kind of said, "you know what, I've had it. I can sit here on the couch and she'll be half asleep flopping around on me and grabbing and scratching my face til 11pm, or I can let her cry for a while." I guess the last 7 1/2 months just caught up with me and I was DONE. So I put her in her crib, awake but definitely ready for bed. She cried for 45 minutes but then slept for 10 straight hours! I could hardly believe it. Having my evenings free to clean, organize, etc is really nice. I almost feel like I'm on vacation in my own house! Night 2 she cried for 30 minutes and then slept 11 hours and tonight she cried for 20 minutes. We'll see how long she sleeps tonight. I got too busy and forgot to feed her any table food today which might play into it as well. Breast milk doesn't sit in the belly very long.
Why is the sleeping working better now? I'm not sure. I think she's older and more ready. For whatever reason she wasn't ready at 4 or 5 months. Her screams were blood curdling and like she was terrified. This week her cries are more sad, tired, and a little mad- but not scared and not blood curdling. I'm hoping within a couple days I'll be able to lay her down and she'll just go to sleep with no tears. That's the hope. I haven't gotten to bed before midnight the last three nights, I'm just having so much fun being hands free! lol. Oh, and yay for me, I nursed Evie in the Ergo today. I was crazy couponing with a bf and our 7 (you read that right!) kids at Albertson's and we were about to pay but I realized Evie wouldn't make it through 20 minutes of checkout without eating. So, I whipped it out right there in the cereal aisle (I had on a low cut shirt and just lowered my shirt). With the sleep shade on the Ergo it was fairly modest and no one walked by anyway. She was happily sitting in the Ergo and nursing, so cute! Yay me for trying something new!
Ok, time to catch some Zzzzz. I'm sure I'll read this blog later and find lots of grammar/spelling errors....I blame that on sleep deprivation for the moment :)

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