Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Want to meet a Real Housewife?

I'm so frustrated. I am juggling so much it gives me a headache and I feel like I have to watch my words so carefully because people get offended.

If I talk about couponing someone will be offended because they think it's all junk food and "who the heck has time for that anyway?"

If I talk about parenting or discipline someone will be offended because I think differently than they do.

If I talk about breastfeeding someone will be offended because they choose to formula feed.

If I talk about birth someone will be offended because they didn't choose a natural birth.

If I talk about________(fill in the blanks)- people will be offended and/or judge me.

I am 28, raising an 11 year old, almost 3 year old and 9 month old. I have survived both my husband and my mom being in life threatening accidents and both having to wear the same flipping body brace. I was raised by a single mom because my dad left us when I was 7 months old. I was diagnosed with a liver disease at 19 only to go through rigorous testing and surgery and then be told it was 'gone' or misdiagnosed. I have stood by and supported my husband through legal battles with his ex over his son. I have experienced infertility caused by PCOS and what it feels like to have a body that doesn't work on it's own.  I have birthed two beautiful and precious little girls in two entirely different birthing experiences. I have battled through 4 months of the most intense screams a baby can make for about 12 hours a day thank you to the enigma known as 'colic' . I paid our mortgage, medical bills, and every other bill while Craig was recovering from his accident for 3 months while fighting insurance several times a day, working full time, and being the nurse to a man in a body brace, neck brace, and his jaw wired shut. I have battled eating disorders and self-esteem and am the size I am because I choose not to throw up my food or starve myself anymore. I am choosing to love, teach, and raise a child who is not biologically mine but needs a mother who is present, conservative, and notices him. I worked hard with my husband to buy our first home, only to find that after blood, sweat, and tears of remodeling and $100k lost we cannot conventionally sell this home that has septic waste leaking into our backyard and we have no option but to get out. 

Life has never been simple. Not when I was 8 and not now at 28. It's always been complicated and a bit messy. There's always been trouble and I've had to become a fighter. Now why isn't there a Real Housewives of Kitsap??? THIS is what being a housewife is really like :)

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  1. I think your opinions count...... and more importantly than any one else in the world, so does your family!!! You are an amazing mother, wife & friend and any one that gets offended by you being/doing whats best for YOUR family is simply jealous that they don't have the GUTS to try it them selves!!!

    Keep doing what you do, I love you <3