Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eliana Turns 3!

My sweet Eliana turned 3 last Wednesday. The years are flying by and it makes her getting older so bittersweet. She is such a tender, gentle spirit with a great sense of humor and I love every day with her!
Minutes old. She was such a beautiful newborn!

3 days old, heading home. Every piece of clothing we brought was too big. She was so thin!

First smile caught on camera.

Little skinny minny. Poor girl needed more time in mama :(

The morning of her 3rd birthday!

Heading out to get birthday Fro-Yo.

My sweet princess <3

Eliana is so kind and thoughtful. When she's eating something she'll say, "who made this for me?" I'll say, "mommy made that for you." She replies, "oh, you did? Thanks for making this for me mama!"

She loves to pray for dinner. Last night she prayed, "Dear Jesus, thank you for a wonderful day. Thank you for my happy birthday and for my friends."

Evangeline has yet another ear infection and has been in a lot of pain this week. There's been several times that I've heard Elly praying for her little sister, "Dear Jesus, help Evie feel better and help her get all better." What a great heart she has!

When Elly bumps into me she's quick to say, "I'm so sorry mama. I didn't mean to bump into you!" And then she'll ask about 5 times if I'm ok :)

We still sing Jesus Loves Me every night before bed and then we pray with her. She often asks me to tell her The Story of Elly. It goes like this, "Mommy and daddy wanted a baby sooooo bad! We prayed and prayed and cried and cried. Then God said, I will give you baby Elly and He put you into mommy's tummy. Mommy and daddy said, YAY!!! When Elly was all done getting ready she came out of mommy's tummy and mommy got to hold Elly and nurse her. We are SO happy that God gave you to us." She just beams the whole time during this story. Without a doubt, Eliana is so wanted and special in this family.

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