Monday, December 26, 2011

My first Pinterest Craft :)

Last week I finally joined the throngs hailing Pinterest as the best thing since sliced bread......and the throngs are not wrong. It is A M A Z I N G! What is it? An online bulletin board of ideas/pictures/recipes/DIY/quotes/etc. It makes crafting seem doable and ideas feel tangible. I love it. I have been collecting ideas and making my list of crafting items to find on sale and finally made something tonight; a headband holder made from a Quaker Oatmeal box! It is super darling.
I found this original PIN (what your ideas are called on Pinterest) and the pin lead me to the BLOG. Easy, right? I figured I needed an empty oatmeal box, fabric, hot glue gun, and any decorative stuff I wanted. Well, my only Quaker oatmeal box was brand spanking new, still sealed. I decided to dump it in a gallon ziploc bag with a notecard containing oatmeal directions. Who wants to wait 6 months for the oatmeal to run out? I didn't! Then I grabbed the fabric remnants and RIC RAC I scored at a friend's yard sale last summer and got to work. Also, thank you Kori for giving me my very first hot glue gun. And yes, I'm admitting I have never used a hot glue gun in my adult life. Weird, right? I can cook just about anything....but crafting stuff boggles my mind. I imagine it's like this; tell a person who never does anything but microwave frozen meals to make a honey white wine worchestershire reduction for roasted chicken (which is actually super easy and delicious!) and their eyes will glaze over......yup. Tell me crafting details and I feel similarly overwhelmed. But, nonetheless I am diving in!
These, dear friends, are called Pinking Shears. They help your fabric to not fray by cutting in a zig zag. Got these at Walmart for about $18 and they have a lifetime warranty (by Fiskars).
 Alright, if you haven't yet, take a peak at the blog post I linked earlier- her instructions are simple and good. Now- look at these pics:

I cut out 2 squares (1 small, 1 large) in 2 different fabrics to make a fabric flower. This was my own idea- go me!

Ric rac edging along the lid. This is medium ric rac.

The bottom of the canister. A bit of glue gun mess. Hey, I did say it was my first time! 

Under the lid.....ohhhhh look! The recipe is still readable!!! 

On the inside.

I layered my 4 pieces of fabric (cut with pinking shears) and then bunched them up in the middle and started sewing them hand as I haven't figured out a sewing machine yet. Yep, there's my 2nd confession. But I make a mean seared scallop. I'm just saying...I'm not totally helpless.

Then I sewed my fabric flower to the lid, right in the middle.

Kinda cute right? In the middle is a ric rac rosette. Just ric rac super glued and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. Should've made the rosette like THIS....but again, I can't use a sewing machine yet :(
Ok, here it is! These are my 3 year old's headbands...well, the ones I can find and thus the reason why we needed this headband holder. Anyway, her headbands stay on here just fine. I imagine mine will also since her headbands fit me and vice versa.

Yay, I actually did something crafty!

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