Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scrappy Tu Tu DIY

What? More crafting? Insanity I tell you!
 Saw this super darling tu-tu on Pinterest a few days ago and thought I should make it for my darling 3 year old. The pin on Pinterest was just a pic from an old Etsy sale, not a DIY, so I had to sort of figure it out myself. It was pretty easy, even for me. The whole thing took me about an hour, which isn't bad for all the cutting and tying of fabric I needed to do. This was one of my inspiration photos-

And i LOVE this one- 

I had tons of fabric pieces that I scored at a friend's yard sale over the summer. All I had to do was spend a couple bucks on elastic for the waist band. Some people prefer ribbon, but I personally like elastic better. I'd rather not have to retie a tutu every time my daughter does a costume change or goes to the bathroom. Elastic she can do herself :)

My princess went to bed before I could measure her little belly so I borrowed a pair of her pants from the laundry basket to measure the waistband :)

I left a little extra so I could sew it like this and make it really strong. Use a sewing machine if you want, as you all know I don't know how to use one yet. Lol.

Next, get to work cutting your fabric pieces. For my skinny 3 year old I used 40 strips of fabric. They varied anywhere from 1 1/2 inches to 3 1/2 inches in width depending on what I had. I used pinking shears to help with the fraying. BUT, this skirt will still fray and isn't really recommended for machine washing and drying. I'll probably try it in the machine in a few days and see how it does. The fraying might just add to the shabby chic look.

I did my strips about 25 inches long so I could tie them in the middle. It's ok if your strips aren't all exactly the same. This is a "Scrappy Tu Tu" after all.
Then, just start tying. I didn't knot them at first, but went through later and knotted them real good as I saw they were getting loose just while I worked on it.

Notice the fabrics don't match? I think that's maybe part of the charm :)

Slide some over and squeeze more in!

So cute, right? Looks long, but I guess she'll grow into it. Dang it I should've measured her before she went to bed! haha. This is the 11 year old holding it for me. I promised him I wouldn't make him actually model it.

After mulling it over for about 3 hours I decided it was more fairy like with points, so I cut each strip into a point.  This is such an incredibly easy and cheap craft and your princess will love it. I'll be adding a pic of mine in it tomorrow for sure! With cowgirl boots, what's not to love?

And, I'm thinking this great fabric combo for a western themed skirt-

Happy Crafting!
Ok, here's my beauty in thinks it's precious.

Oh man, if I could edit this and put a field behind her, so perfect. She does the best poses!

Yup, there's the field.

I love this picture of her. Carefree and confident. If only we women could feel this way every day of our lives.

She's saying, "I LOVE TURNING THE SWING!!!!"

Love this one, too.

Well, that's all folks!


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  1. Awesome job! and I *love* the pics of her. She is a natural in front of the camera!