Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tunes :) and a quick update

Is my blog slowly dying???

Lordy, I hope not. It's given me such a wonderful outlet for memory keeping, growth, communication, venting, and growing up over the last 2 years. Life lately has been a trip to a weird theme park. Not quite sure the 'theme' yet, but I'm pretty much over the rides.

Because I'd rather not blog about Medicaid, Assisted Living Facilities, radiation, and cancer....I'll instead leave you with this- MUSIC. I'm listening to Adele (specifically, Set Fire to the Rain) and I really love her voice and mood. I also really love Rihanna. Go figure right? For those that know me as a mommy now, if you could've seen me a decade ago you'd get it. I loved r&b and always thought I'd have dark skinned babies. It took quite a while for me to adjust to Craig and his KMPS Radio and country loving ways. Yup, married a very white guy!
Also, found my old recorded cd today. 3 songs that I did when I was 19. I think my voice has a lot more depth now, better control, and more variety so in some ways it's hard for me to listen to these songs. I also hear my voice holding back in every song. I can hit crazy notes and blow it out, but I held back on every song and that bugs me. Probably wasn't confident in myself enough to blow it out like I should've. But I appreciate the songs as they represent a part of my life and God willing someday I'll have the opportunity to record again!
Serenity and I Still Love You. There's a taste for ya!

Ok, off to finish a bacon, potato, swiss quiche for a mom's group tomorrow. Then gotta stuff diapers and hopefully catch up on Tori and Dean (did I mention I love them?). Pretty much I'm Tori and Craig is Dean....ok, well let's be honest I'm like 3 Tori's....but whatever :)

Will blog more again soon, I promise.

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