Monday, May 7, 2012

Long Skirts and Head Coverings?

It's after midnight and my brain (and typing fingers) aren't sleepy yet. Had a Venti Frap earlier, thanks to Starbucks happy hour :) Which means I might not sleep tonight. I'm SO sensitive to caffeine.

I've been pondering what to blog as we're just so busy lately, we live at the ball field most nights, and I'm trying to process a lot. Last weekend we went to a homeschooling conference. We had the baby toddler with us and the other two were with my parents. The conference was like visiting another culture. I had never in my life seen so many 12 passenger vans, long skirts, and hair coverings. There were 3,000 people in attendance (wowza, right?). I tried hard not to judge them as I didn't want them judging me in my jean-wearing sinfulness (hehe). Having only 3 kids we were for sure among the smallest of the families there. 6, 8, 10, 12+ were more common for number of kids. Most families had their children with them. I mean, think of finding childcare for 12 kids....kind of tough.
Just a tiny glimpse of a football field sized parking lot full of vans :)

I've been wanting to blog about the conference, but yet also wanted to be careful that I don't attack or demean the parts of the conference I disagree with. During the conference I had to work hard to filter everything and ask God if things lined up with scripture and if it was what He wanted for my family. I don't want to live in a world of all black and white and what boils down to just being legalism. I want right living and truth, but also the freedom and flexibility that I believe God allows us as we pursue Him and seek to hear His voice and convictions. I don't personally feel called to wear skirts every day. I'm not anti-skirt, but I also don't believe that by wearing pants I am less feminine or dishonoring the Lord or my husband. I DO believe that modesty should make a comeback. Cleavage, short skirts, etc just look inappropriate on someone carrying a kid and talking about the Lord. Just maybe it's hard for people to hear our message when they're looking at our boobs :) Save the overt sexy for the bedroom. *stepping off soapbox*

I don't totally understand the head coverings, and aside from selling them for fashion (which I do a lot of in my Etsy shop), I don't see the need to wear a head covering with the purpose of hiding my hair. However, since I don't understand it and haven't taken the time to learn about it, I can't say much. I will say I find it slightly ironic that hair is covered for modesty, but the head coverings actually draw more attention to the woman (in my opinion).

I feel like over the course of the weekend we ended up with 3 big take aways.

1). How Big God Is. We watched a presentation by 4th Day Alliance about creation astronomy. It was mind boggling. Amazing and so well done. I have thought often about the presentation over the last week and how much it increased my knowledge, appreciation, and awe of who my Savior is. And how BIG He is but yet He made us and loves us. Incredible.
2). Stop watching the page numbers so closely. I'm an overachiever. I put it on myself and I put it on other people. Some times it's a character strength, sometimes it's a flaw. I push too hard sometimes while schooling Jake. I don't always allow enough flexibility for bad days and just taking the time to appreciate the ride and notice what we're learning that can't always be measured by pages and tests. I'm encouraged to lighten up a little bit, and work to enjoy the ride, not just survive it. The keynote speaker, Voddie Baucham, talked on the first day about this. He said we push hard to get good test scores, so we can get college acceptance, so we can get good jobs and good pay.......but are we discipling children with passion for Jesus and with real knowledge of the Bible and scriptural truths? Stop worrying so much about the test scores and disciple your children.
3). Make God central in your home. This is something we want and at times feel like we're doing really good at. Other times I feel like we're hamsters running on the wheel and we seriously suck at making God central in our family. We talk about God daily, in all areas of our lives. We pray, we read the Bible with our children, we listen to worship music, we go to church.....but are we just doing the motions? I want my children to go to God first in all areas of their lives. To have passion to pursue Him. I want children that have strength to walk away from temptations and to find their security and meaning in their Savior. Not in boyfriends/girlfriends, drugs, money, or anything else. God is our only constant, truly!

I'm not sure if we'll go to the conference next year. We'll see what happens between now and then. Perhaps child free if we go again! Although, it was very special to have two whole days with just Evie. She was so fun. We took her to dinner and then swimming in the hotel pool. She got a years worth of kisses and hugs in those two days :)

I feel God moving in our home and stirring us to serve Him better and allow room in our lives for Him to move and direct us. Sometimes it takes seeing things we don't want in our home to realize what we do want.


  1. It was so fun to run into you there! It sounds like you are processing thoroughly -- I've had to do the same thing the years we've gone. Chew the meat, spit out the bones, using God's word as the filter. Realize that what God has (maybe!) called others to, isn't necessarily what he's calling us to. My husband is the head of our home, not the 15-pass van driving guy!

    Praying for you as you sift through, asking God to give you wisdom and clarity as you seek to honor Him in your life and home.


    1. It was great running into you, too! So funny to see a familiar face in all those people, and one I haven't seen in years :)

      Thank you for encouraging me!