Sunday, June 3, 2012

The new garden, flowers and veggies!

Got my so much accomplished today! Maybe it's that I had coffee this morning, which I never do? I don't know, but I'll take it :)
Started this am getting up about 7 with the girls, then got ready for church and headed out the door to sing on worship team. Went home after the 2nd service so Craig and Jake could take off for Jake's baseball game and I got the girls down for naps (Craig is a rockstar and had already fed everyone). Then I got to work planting in the new garden beds Craig built for me this weekend. We had planted in a different garden area last year but decided it needed too much renovation (posts weren't stable, chicken wire wasn't tight and keeping pests out, rabbits ate almost everything last year, etc) and it was too far from the house. Craig put a ton of hours in trying to get it to work and we finally just decided to tear it down and start over. I wanted the garden up closer to the house so I wasn't so far away from napping kids or Jake doing school and such. The old garden was way down in the yard and the new one is along the side of the house. Makes me feel much less stressed. I also moved some potted plants around as most had outgrown their homes from last year and I picked up some strawberry starts today, too.

clockwise from top: strawberries, spinach (from seed),and flat leaf parsley.

Two different chives on the left, mint in the back (yum!),and two different rosemary's in front right.

Craig added the border and fresh soil. I put a lavender plant in there and tons and tons of flowers from seed. Hopefully they grow really well!

This is the side of the house that gets full sun so that's my veggie bed. From left to right I planted:
Olympia Hybrid Smooth Leaf spinach
4 Gourmet Blend lettuce
Scarlet Nantes Coreless carrots
green beans
Early Sunglow Hybrid sweet corn
Super Sugar Snap snap peas
Muncher cucumber
Black Beauty zucchini
Vegetable Spaghetti squash

The bed is right along the house, so nice!

Got some great starts from a friend, thanks Rebekah!

The spaghetti squash is planted in 'mountains'. Never done that before, but following directions.

The view from the garden...the veggies should be happy.

The Jake-ster.

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