Monday, July 30, 2012

Supplements for PCOS

UPDATED 11/26/2012: This blog post has had more views than I anticipated, thanks to you wonderful Pinners :) There is an excellent follow up article to this post that goes more in depth to PCOS, how I've lost nearly 40lbs in 4 months and allowed my body to have a period for the first time EVER, and some awesome guidelines to follow as a woman with PCOS. To read that blog post go HERE.

Original Blog Post:

I've recently found out about some great supplements that specifically help women with PCOS. Amazing how I was diagnosed about 5 years ago and am just now finding out about them, but I'm grateful at any rate.

I hope someone will come across this blog and find these links useful :) So far I have found Amazon to have the best supplement prices, by far.

The first one is Ovablend by Vitanica. It used to be called PCOS Blend.
"This formula, along with comprehensive nutritional and exercise support promotes normalized hormone levels, a healthy insulin response and supports healthy ovulation."
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You can read other customers reviews on Amazon and that is useful. Seems like a really great product for someone with PCOS. 

The 2nd one is Fem Rebalance by Vitanica.
"Fem Rebalance is a unique blend of herbs traditionally used to restore and rebalance a woman’s internal hormonal state. Hormonal balance may need restoring after discontinuing oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy, during stress or weight loss. Hormones can also be disrupted by many environmental toxins such as pesticides, solvents and heavy metals. After going through a cleansing protocol to mobilize and excrete toxins from the body, it may be necessary to assist the body in restoring proper hormonal functioning."

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  1. Can I ask how much weight you gained with PCOS??? I gained 100 lbs, and all I keep finding is women who only gained 30 to 40 lbs... Just trying to find something that will work for a large amount of weightloss... Lol thanks...


    1. Hi Kimberly!
      Dealing with PCOS can be SO frustrating.....I'm not sure there are any upsides :(
      I learned to live with calorie deprivation and eating almost nothing to keep weight off until I was about 21 and met my husband. I felt loved and comfortable and started eating the foods he was eating; pizza, crackers, rice, pasta, etc...what others might call 'normal' foods. I gained 30lbs in a year and when I started eating my version of Paleo last summer I had gained probably 50-60lbs total.
      I do really think that what people normally suggest or do to lose weight does not work for those with PCOS. If you highly restrict calorie/fat consumption it's likely your diet is being supplemented with processed foods and 'diet' foods filled with sugars and salt (ie. low calorie and non-fat yogurt cups have as much sugar as a candy bar!) They have to make up for the lack of calories/fat somewhere! That kind of a diet will make a woman with PCOS gain more weight! We need healthy fats, but it's the refined carbs and sugars our bodies just don't know how to handle.
      I believe what I did will work for anyone that truly has PCOS, even if you have 100lbs you'd like to lose. I can't say it's totally easy, but the greatest things never are. The first couple of weeks are have to detox your body from carbs and sugars and it made me cranky. I felt like there was nothing I could eat...but I got used to it and found foods that worked. I read labels more before I bought, but instead of looking at fat and calories, I looked at carbs and sugars. It really only took about 3 months to lose nearly 40lbs. I'm 20 weeks pregnant now (first conception out of 4 that happened naturally!!!) so I'm not eating 100% that way right now, but will be back at it once baby boy is born.
      This blog goes over the details for how much protein you want, what kinds of foods are best, and really exactly what I did to get my body healthy again:

      Feel free to email me:

      Hugs and best wishes to you!