Thursday, August 2, 2012

Work at home and make real money!

How much do you pay for your monthly cell service? Is your data usage limited? Do you have a contract? Is the service center located outside the US?

Chances are you will benefit greatly from Solavei. Solavei is a new company and the first of it's kind; Social Commerce. What is it? Unlimited talk, text, and data on a 4G (3G if your area doesn't have 4G capability yet) network with NO contracts. The cost? Just $49 a month! No contracts, no limited data usage, and the service center is in the US! Solavei is an MVNO, not a resaler of cell service. They are based out of Bellevue and currently employ 144 people full time, leasing the entire 13th floor of the Bank of America building.

What is Solavei???

Who is involved with Solavei and backing it?

Jose Rojas - Head of Operations
Former JPMorgan Chase Payments executive, McKinsey & Co., U.S. Army aviator
Allyn Hebner - Head of Finance
Former chief accounting officer of T-Mobile and CFO of Motricity
Rick White - Head of Legal and Policy
Former U.S. congressman, attorney at Perkins Coie, CEO of Technet
Jim Ryan - Head of Products
Former head of Mobile Data Services of AT&T, Sprint, O2, CSMO at Motricity
Robert A. McFadden - Head of Sales
Former president of Viridian Network
Maria Pinchevsky - Head of Member Experience
Former VP of customer service at T-Mobile
Stan Simpliciano - Head of Mobile Network Services
Former T-Mobile head of MVNO/M2M, Naval aviator
Larry Wallace - Head of Corporate Development
Former VP of Global OEM and OS Services at Motricity
Jason Genthner - Head of Corporate Communications
Former communications executive at Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Jason Mckinnis - Head of Marketing and Brand
Former head of brand and marketing communications at Motricity, Infospace

Board of Advisors and Investors
John Rittenhouse
Chairman and CEO of Cavallino Capital, former COO of Walmart, Louis Vuitton, and Target
Sue Nokes
SVP of Asurion, former COO and CCO of T-Mobile
Jon Miller
Chief digital officer of News Corp, former chairman and CEO of AOL
David Limp
VP of Amazon, former CSO of Palm and Liberate
Brian Turner
Former CFO of Coinstar (Redbox), RealNetworks, and Bsquare
Roland Van de Meer
Managing director of Fuse Capital, former founder and managing partner of ComVentures
Rick Fox
Former CFO of CyberSafe Corp, Wall Data, Managing Partner Ernst & Young
Brian Long
Managing partner of Atlantic Bridge Capital, founder of Parthus Technologies
David Burnett
Managing Member of Bright Rivers Capital, on the board of the Joshua Green Corporation
Eddie Lazarus
Former FCC chief of staf

The cell service in itself is pretty darn huge. Let's be honest! How many people spend $100, $200, etc on their phone bill every month? Sadly, a lot. But not only is Solavei offering an amazing price for great cell also get paid to refer others to their service. THAT is amazing. Whether you just want to refer several people and make enough to never pay a cell phone bill again or you want to make this a mini business for yourself and make thousands every month- is up to you. For me, as a stay at home mom, Solavei will mean braces for Jake and nice family vacations every year (finally!). You see, the money you make in Solavei is paid to you every single month. It's not a one time shot. There's no products for you to invest in or parties for you to throw. This is word of mouth and making money by connecting with others and building relationships. And referring an awesome product that everyone already uses- cell phones!

Solavei is changing commerce, and will be driving down prices across the country on thousands of products, using the power of the united voice of the people. You can join in a year or two, but why miss out on what's happening now? I would love to send you info and give you the opportunity to see what Solavei is all about. It's not multi-level marketing, it's not pyramid marketing, it's not a scam. For information, email Diana at:

I went to a local Q&A last night and let me tell you, people already have their new phones on the Solavei network and it's awesome! It's still in Beta as it launches September 21st, so now is really a great time to get on. Wish I had been ground level involved with Facebook or Google....well, this is even better!

Email me:
 and I look forward to talking to you!

Join the Revolution!!!

UPDATE 9/1/12

I can now enroll you directly in Solavei!!! Email me at !!!

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