Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Surgery follow-up: Finally, good news!

Today I had my 2 week follow up appointment to my tumor and cyst removal surgery. For the last few months I've seen nothing but horrible images of my sad and sick ovaries on the ultrasound machine, so I was nervous. Amazingly, and thanks to the successful surgery, my ovaries look SO much better.

As you'll remember, my left ovary was 7cm and had a large dermoid (benign) tumor and my right ovary was 10cm and full of huge cysts. A 'normal' ovary is between 3 and 4 cm.

Today, my left ovary was 4 1/2 cm, tumor free, and actually had lots of small follicles (what a female is born with and they can grow into eggs)! My right ovary was 6 1/2cm, had one small cyst, and also had lots of follicles. My Dr. explained that because of PCOS I will never have 'normal' size ovaries, mine will always be sort of inflamed and thus larger. The right one is likely still swollen from surgery and the left one looked great to her and perhaps what is normal for my body.

So, what was in my ovaries? Well, the tumor in the left was mostly made up of fat and hair. Yup, hair. SICK. But also totally typical for a dermoid. My right ovary was actually twisted with a cyst causing a sort of candy cane effect of the different colors of cyst and ovary wrapped up together. It is pretty crazy to see (thanks to great laparoscopic pics). My Dr said today that if an ovary is twisted like that for long enough it will lose blood circulation and can die. Ack! Made me even more grateful that I did the surgery and I feel confident it was the right thing to do. Dr put it this way, "your right ovary had enough for one person to deal with and then your left ovary also had enough for one person to deal with," and yet here it was all happening to one person. Honestly, I feel better now than I have in about a year at least, probably longer. I've felt so hormonal, crazy, bloated, heavy, and in pain for so long it was becoming my new normal. I'm grateful for medicine that can help in these kinds of situations and hopeful for the future now that my ovaries aren't in pain anymore.

We're gonna give it a month and see if miraculously I will have a period and if not I'll take Provera (progesterone) to cause one.

For two months as of today, I have been doing no bread, pasta, tortillas, crackers, sugars, white potatoes, refined foods and snacks, etc. I eat a lot of protein and veggies. I've lost a good amount of weight and am now only 10lbs away from my BIG goal and I can't weight, hehe, wait to reach that goal. I weigh less now than I have in years and I'm feeling less invisible. You know, the-get-married-get-fat-eat-your-stress-wear-ugly-clothes-invisible? Yup, trying to leave that behind and it feels good :)

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