Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Am Solavei!

I just watched this video for the first time, it's great and only 3 minutes:

Solavei is here and real and making a difference in people's lives. You only want the cell plan and don't want to sponsor others? Ok, that's fine! You don't have to! If you do, that's a bonus. Are you on the opposite end of that and want to make it a business? That's great, too! What you want Solavei to be for you, you can do.

Solavei is unlimited talk, text, and data on a 4G network with no contracts. I've had Solavei service for coming up on 2 months. I am pleased with my service, I LOVE having a smartphone, and my service is FREE. Why? Because I told some friends about it. I told a lady I used to work with that she didn't have to settle for paying At&t $250 a month when she didn't even use any data! Solavei is about offering a solution to friends and family and giving them the option to save big money.  $49 a month is a great price for a great product. On top of that, for every 3 people you sponsor (tell them about it, help them enroll) you make $20 a month. You enroll 6 people? That means you're making $40 a month, so your bill is only $9 (plus tax).

Or, you don't tell anyone about it....still only $49 a month. This is a win-win situation! If you are interested or want to learn more I encourage you to contact me or visit my Solavei site at . You can even bring your own phone, which is what I did. Want to check if your current phone is compatible? Go to to do so.

THROUGH OCTOBER: Enroll and get your first month FREE as well as a free SIM card if you bring your own phone. This is a great deal!!!! Jump on it!


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