Tuesday, October 30, 2012

IBCLC Re-Certification for Katie, the boob whisperer!!!

There's an awesome lady, who has helped me SO much with breastfeeding both Eliana and Evangeline. She came to the house when Evangeline wasn't even a day old and took calls from me for weeks after that. Most of the time I was in tears or close to. I call her the boob/baby whisperer because she seems to have the special gift to get nursing back on track in just about any situation. I've never met anyone like her in my entire life :)

A group of us are starting a small fundraiser for Katie to pay for her upcoming IBCLC re-certification. Taking the cert again means she'll be a board certified lactation consultant for another 10 years and will continue to serve, help, and bless mothers for free. She has helped HUNDREDS of us in Kitsap County and beyond. Think if everyone gave just $2. It would add up fast :)

We have three months to fund raise for her as we're hoping to have all the needed money by the end of January. Our goal is $400. Totally doable, right? I think it'd be rad to have it by the end of the year.

You can write a check to Katie Dunning, give cash to me or Katie or Dr. Niran Al-Agba, or click the 'donate' button below to give via Paypal/credit/debit. Please visit our fundraising website and feel free donate there! Go HERE FOR THE FUNDRAISING WEBSITE.Thank you!

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