Thursday, November 15, 2012

Goodwill Goodies

I took the girls to Goodwill today, looking specifically for a red or green blouse for an upcoming concert. Found neither :( Everything in those colors was either matronly or street walker. I'll have to try the mall, without kids, in the next week or so. BUT, I did score some other awesome stuff :) Wanna see???? Of course you do!

Parents Brand Battat wooden cube. I have no idea what this was at retail, but I've seen them used on Ebay for $50 or even up to $100 at Target. We paid $3.99.

Movies!!! Eliana is super into princess stuff right now so I've been letting her watch the classics. Of course DVD's are easier, but VHS movies only cost .49cents. The books (like a vintage Curious George) are all .79cents. I'm pretty stoked about the collection of Serendipity stories we got :) And the top right book is a collection of princess stories in a beginning reader format.

This is a little 'kitschy', no? But I like it. And I LOVE Christmas :) It was $3, I think, and seems a tad Scandinavian, which is always a win for me.

This is a squishy bat that's also hard in the center so it holds it's shape. The girls can only hurt each other to a point with it :) I'm sure it'll get lots of abuse use once it's baseball season for the Frazier's again.

Sofft brand-spankin'-new high heels. In ladies size 12. I don't wear a 12, but these were such an amazing deal I bought them to resell them. That's how I roll :) PS. They retail for $100.

Clothes for Evie! The sweater on the left is a brand new-with tags on- United Colors of Benetton sweater. It was $3. Retail is over $50. The top on the right is a super cute Gap shirt for next summer. It was $1.99.

A dress for me! This is Joe Browns brand, which is a European designer. So great! They range from $50-$100ish in the US. It smelled like patchouli, which I personally am really not a fan of, so I had to wash it asap. Funny the smells on clothing at Goodwill...makes you wonder the life the garment had before you met it :) This dress is SO cute and perfect for tights and boots. The neckline is sweetheart, which is kind of surprising for this style. It's perfect, like new, and was $7.99.

Eliana has this exact dress in black and white with a green sash. This one is for Evie and I like the colors even better. So sweet :) It's originally from Target, was probably about $14.99 or more. I paid $3.99.

Cozy velvet Osh Kosh dress for Evie, in red. $2 I think.

I also scored a Nicole by Nicole Miller little black dress for me, thinking I'll wear it for Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve. It's super cute. It was tagless so they told me $5.99. Yes, please!

Goodwill is a mixed bag, for sure. Some things are priced really well. Others, not so much. You have to be willing to sort through the racks and think outside the box. I've learned to just try things on because you never know! Especially since it's such a broad range of brands. And that's the thing, I know brands. Like ALL the brands. How? I don't really know. It's the same way I know car makes and models and approx what they retail for. I'm not Rain Man or anything, my brain just retains that kind of stuff. So as I'm sifting through racks and touching fabrics, I know I will NEVER spend $4 on a Garanimals shirt, since it was probably $3 retail (at Walmart). I'll spend money on brands like Gap, Osh Gosh, Janie and Jack, designer (MJ, United Colors of Benetton, Juicy, etc), Alfani, INC, North Face, get the drift. Some brands are neither terrible nor wonderful so it really depends on the item- like Cherokee, Merona, American Living, etc. Knowing brands, where the item was originally sold and what it sold for makes the decision of whether to buy it used and for how much that much simpler. It's possible to get ripped off at Goodwill (although not their intention, I know!), but by knowing brands and values that doesn't happen!

Once you get good at finding the deals and the brands it makes Goodwill a tad addicting. New stuff is always being put out so you could every day and find something new. The price tags also have the date the item was placed on the sales floor. That is fun info to me. If I buy something that was just placed that same day (like the Battat cube), I feel victorious. haha!

Happy shopping!!!
~ Diana

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