Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Truth about FAT, as I see it :)

It's Thursday, November 8th, and I'm enjoying a quiet day at home. The girls are playing and watching Beauty and the Beast on VHS (49 cents at Goodwill!). I'm currently drinking coffee and just ate 3 (yes, 3!) fried eggs. In butter, of course. I've lost 37.7lbs and just keep chugging along. My blog the other day about What I Eat in a Day was pretty insightful for me and made me realize most days I'm not eating enough. I had heard it's sometimes hard to get enough calories when you eat whole, real foods, but now I'm experiencing that first-hand. The day after that blog post I only ate 400 calories, and not on purpose! I think maybe I haven't been eating enough and that has partially slowed my weight loss. So I'm trying to put fat in where I can, like eggs fried in butter :) I had bacon and oranges for dinner last night. I heart bacon! The truth, friends, is that fat is not your enemy. Eating fat doesn't make you fat. I greatly encourage you to read the gazillion studies and articles by The Weston A. Price Foundation . You can search the site for anything- soy info, the truth about fat, etc. It's awesome and you'll find it's pretty much opposite of how Americans eat. It takes a little bit to wrap your head around it, but read with an open mind and soon you'll be headed down the rabbit hole!

'Diet' foods often are full of carbohydrates and sugar, but toted as "HEALTHY" because they have 120 calories. Who flippin' cares about the calories when you're eating soy isolate, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, and 30g of refined sugar? Nasty! We poison our bodies with this overload of chemicals, and don't even get me started on GMO's....

Eating REAL food is not about how many calories you're eating. Here's the deal, if you're not regularly eating store bought ice cream, Pringles, fast food meals, Rice-A-Roni (yes, I know it's delicious!), chicken nuggets, pizza, and other processed foods, it's likely you don't have to worry about calories. I'm the perfect example of that. I couldn't care less how many calories a Tbsp of peanut butter has in it or how many calories that blob of butter I just fried my eggs in has. My body needs those calories and needs that fat. There is a tremendous difference between the fat of 4 candy bars and a big, juicy steak- even if 'by the numbers' they are the same. Our country in many ways hasn't figured that out. All fats are not created equal. All calories are not created equal. Knowing that, I can pick and choose how I want to spend my calories, fat, carbs, and sugars. Would I rather eat a small cup of Tillamook yogurt (about 30g of refined sugar) or a Snickers bar (also about 30g of refined sugar)??? DUH, given the choice of ingesting an entire days worth of sugar...I'll take the candy bar over the yogurt. But, ask most people which is 'better' for you and they'll pick the yogurt. Why? It only has 100 calories!!!! Are you starting to get this? Fewer calories does not, in many cases, mean it's better for you. Yes, yogurt has live cultures and all that jazz, but really, the yogurt and candy bar are on the same playing field in many ways. I'm not saying you should forgo yogurt and eat a Snickers every morning. I'm suggesting that just maybe, neither one is a good choice.

 Low cal/low fat meals are often (not always) full of processed crap and the flavor is being made up in sugar, salt and chemicals. Dr. Oz talked about this a few years ago and I found it fascinating. Basically, when your tongue tastes something sweet, your brain knows to look for those calories and put them to use or storage. When your body finds no calories, think diet soda and everything aspartame, it has to keep looking for them, so you actually crave sweets more. I used to be mind-boggled that some of the thinnest girls I worked with in banking could drink real, non-diet soda every day. Not that it was a good beverage choice, but by not trying to fool their brains with fake sugars, they could drink it and be satisfied. Those of us fatties drinking diet stuff were never satisfied.

When you do eat real foods, you often have to find ways to put fat into it. It's a strange, but cool concept that is 'new' to most of us. Like my eggs....I could've used pan spray, but I needed healthy fats. Butter is actually a healthy fat (again, read Weston Price). Should I eat 4 sticks a day? Not so much, but in moderation it actually helps me lose weight and preserve muscle mass.

When I saute salmon or turkey burgers or veggies, I almost always saute with a healthy blob of organic coconut oil. Coconut oil has 14g of fat and 120 calories per Tbsp. Again, that's a healthy fat and one your body wants! Margarine, pan spray, vegetable oil.....eek- not natural healthy fats for your body.

I know a few people who are already totally on board with this way of living, very much Weston Price style. They have seen remarkable changes in their health, energy, weight, AND fertility. And here I am, doing it also and I had my first ever period and I've lost nearly 40lbs. I think we're on to something big. Think if instead of trying to thin out America's obese children with low calorie, sugar-filled, sandwiches and 100 calorie granola bars, we started feeding kids avocado and chicken and veggies in coconut oil and butter......I am positive there would be big changes!

OK, so much more I'm thinking about, but this post is enough for now. I hope you're intrigued and if I'm flipping your brain's 'food script' on it's head, YAY!

~ Diana
PS. I'm planning to try my wedding dress on soon. I think it'll be way big :)

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  1. good for you! I'm thinking I should buy some coconut oil even though it's more expensive. Also I only buy plain yogurt now and just add a tsp or two of sugar and some vanilla and/or fresh fruit. :-) MUCH less sugar! and with greek yogurt you get lots more benefits than regular.