Friday, November 2, 2012

What I eat in a day.....

I've had several people ask, "what does a day look like for what you eat?"

I decided I'd just show you :) Every day is different (aside from my breakfast), but this gives an idea.

This is my morning, pretty much every morning. Sometimes I use whole milk or 2% if I run out of coconut milk or can't find it for a good price. This protein powder is from Central Market and the vanilla flavor comes in bulk which makes it about 80cents a serving. The Blender Bottle is my dear, dear friend. Totally worth the $7.

This is a salmon burger from Costco. SO good. Also 20g of protein. I pan fry it in organic coconut oil. Takes 4 minutes each side, super easy! Then I put 1 slice of Jarlsberg cheese on top :)

Pepsi Max is NOT, I repeat NOT, a normal part of my eating. haha! But I had this smallish glass today. I got the soda free last week at Albertson's as a promo when I bought chips for Jake's lunches. 

Ok, once again, not a normal food choice. Figures the second I decide to photograph what I eat today I realize I have to photograph flippin' soda and Cheese Nips. HAHA! This photo has a serving size of cheese nips on a salad plate. Mad at myself for eating this (I actually had less than a serving size), but oh well. This is why it's hard to be a mom and only eat whole foods. Kids don't want steak and asparagus....they want crackers. lol. At least you know my photo journal is being honest, right?

My afternoon snack (4pm), a Rise protein bar. 20 grams of protein and only 3 ingredients: whey protein powder, almonds, and honey. Very dense and chewy and sweet. I got it on Amazon and this was my last bar. boohoo :(

Today I made a crockpot soup for the fam. I pretty much never measure anything, but it had carrots, celery, sweet onion, rutabaga, parsley, garlic, salt, pepper, chicken stock, and a little heavy cream. I added in roasted, diced chicken and whole grain vegetable rotini during the last 30 minutes of cooking.
I dished up a bowl, picked out all the pasta and gave it to Evie and ate about 1/4 of this bowl:
Sometimes it's hard to finish a meal with the girls as we're constantly trying to keep them focused and eating. I just wasn't feeling the soup, so most of it got tossed (from my bowl).

We just went to a harvest festival at Jake's school and all three kids got candy for playing fun games. I didn't have a single piece, yay! It's 8:50pm, which is fairly early for me, but I'm going to try to just have water the rest of the night. Maybe a snack size Tillamook cheese.

Today's protein count: 71grams plus whatever chicken I ate from the soup
Today's carb count: 40grams (dang you cheese nips!!)
Today's sugar count: 14grams

Calories (these I NEVER count, but was curious): 800, holy cow, this is the biggest surprise! No wonder I'm feeling hungry right now. I think I'll have another protein shake or maybe a can of tuna before bed. 800 calories is not enough! Or does this mean I can eat more Cheese Nips??? NAH, just kiddin' :)

UPDATE the next morning: I chose to have a hard apple cider last night to the tune of 200 my calorie count made it up to about 1000.


  1. I would like more of these (when you can) so I know what others are doing. are you on Facebook or pinterest?

    1. Hi Dana!
      I'm pregnant right now (surprise!) so my eating is not as clean at the moment. I kind of end up eating whatever doesn't make me feel totally sick. But I probably have a few more food days like this I can put together :)
      I'm on Pinterest and do have a Paleo/PCOS board:

      Thanks so much for following!