Saturday, December 1, 2012

5lbs are nearly gone :)

So, I posted HERE about what happened when I ate 'normal' for Thanksgiving and the 3 days after that. I gained almost 5lbs. If that's not a clue that there is something off with my body, then I don't know what is! A normal person might gain 3 at the most and probably because they had seconds at Thanksgiving and one too many slices of pie. I did neither.

Well, I'm back down most of it and now only .8 from my low weight on Thanksgiving morning :) That's the thing, we WILL fall off the horse. It's not IF, it's WHEN. Are you starting to get this? It's taken me and is still taking me years to understand it. We can't start a life change and think that every week for the rest of our lives we will be a smaller number on the scale (a la Incredible Shrinking Woman). Amidst working towards health and wholeness, life happens. Birthday cake, a bowl of spaghetti, Chinese take out....right? This journey is about the process. Figuring out why we eat the way we do. Boredom? Stress? Joy? Sadness? Sugar addiction? When we figure that out, we can really be aware of what causes us to eat all the ways we truly don't want to. Sometimes I just really want something and I understand it's not what my body really needs, but it's ONE meal and it's a choice. When we're able to not let one meal ruin our entire week or month- that is progress.

Today I waited too long to eat 'real' food. I had a cup of coffee this morning and a protein shake and then it became 2:30 in the afternoon and all I wanted was Doritos or pasta. I went past the point of 'kind of hungry' to full on 'starving and likely to make poor decisions'. But I didn't make a poor decision this time. I ate this, one of my oldest and least expensive friends:
Eggs fried in butter :)

Quick and easy source of protein and fat AND yummy!

I believe that I work best with goals. I actually don't like goals or the perceived pressure of them. Yet I'm starting to think maybe I do work best with them and so some part of my weird brain must like them??? I had this major huge goal of 35.5lbs to get to a certain, at this point in time unnamed, weight. Then I met it and I lost a couple more pounds and I've been at that weight for a while now. So I'm thinking, what if I lost 50lbs? What if I made that my new goal? That's only 12.3lbs away from where I stand today. So....there I shall tread.
~ Diana

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