Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mini Vaca

We decided to use up a bit of our leftover Christmas budget cash (uh yeah, that's real! Go Dave Ramsey!) and took the kids to the Silver Cloud Inn in Redmond for one night. It's a really nice, clean hotel with modern rooms, a great indoor pool, and the best free hotel breakfast I've seen. We went there with Evie last spring when we attended the homeschool conference. We packed up the basics and told Jake he'd need a swimsuit and off we went! We really just wanted to do something out of the ordinary and make some memories. I figured it'd be really tiring, and it was. But worth it. We checked in at 2 yesterday, got settled in the room and then went to swim for a bit. Then we had dinner at IHOP...I ate way too much....then back to the room and one more swimming trip. I went back to the room with the girls at 7 for bed for Evie but Jake and Craig swam for a couple more hours. They had the whole pool to themselves and decided to rock the girl's Hello Kitty goggles.
 Evie passed out after nursing and crashed in the playpen (her feet now scrunch against the sides). Elly and I snuggled on our bed and watched Say Yes to the Dress. She ate Pocky Sticks and I drank SO much water. I think the swimming really dehydrated me.....that or all the food I ate at IHOP :) I'd been nauseous for weeks and didn't love having to eat, that seems to have passed and food is now not a problem!

Elly and I shared a bed and Jake and Craig shared one. Worked out well other than the kids being the only ones that got to sleep. Elly is only 38lbs, but she used every ounce of that to shove me off the bed all night. I think perhaps she was snuggling and liked being able to feel me, but I nearly felt the floor most of the night. Jake is a violent insane actually. I'm surprised Craig doesn't have a black eye today. So yeah, kids won the sleep battle. This morning we woke to giggles as the pregnant lady passed gas (hey, sometimes you just gotta!) and Evie hollered out, "mama tootied!!!" It had been silent before the gas and after Evie's proclamation we were all in giggles. Pretty funny way to start the day. We got dressed and headed to the awesome breakfast. Belgium waffles, pastries, scrambled eggs, sausage, cereal, oatmeal, juices, yogurt, bagels and cream cheese, etc. YUM!

Even after breakfast and being fully packed it was only 10am. I lounged on the bed watching some I Won the Lottery [and blew it all in 18 months] show and wishing I was in a padded white room with a feather bed (SO exhausted). After a bit of insisting from Craig, we checked out, caught the ferry in the nick of time and were home before lunch time.

Things like this cost money, which we had saved all year, and take time and energy. But it was fun and I think the kids, especially Jacob, will remember it. And let's be honest, when baby makes 6 a trip like this will be a little harder for a while :)

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