Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My how they grow...

Eliana's new thing is drawing princesses....lots of princesses. She rotates between Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and the Queen (not sure which queen). I've been pretty amazed at her pictures, actually. The princesses have hands, crowns, heels, appropriate length hair for their character, dresses, and entire faces. It's crazy how all of the sudden you realize your child isn't scribbling anymore....they're actually drawing real pictures!

She asked for paper yesterday so I handed her scrap paper, not realizing she'd draw such a great picture! This is Snow White and the sun shining on her.

This is Sleeping Beauty with sun again :) And getting her to make a normal face for a photo is HARD.

Can't remember who she said this one is...I think Snow White.
She is amazing.

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  1. Diana! She is amazing...There are times when I look at JP and think "Wow!!! When did you suddenly become such a big boy?!?" :) His artistic drawings have lately taken off too. :)
    I was going to ask you soem etsy questions on fb today and realized you were not on anymore....can you give me your email? or here is

    Thanks! :)