Saturday, January 19, 2013

12 Weeks!

I'm 12w1d today and things are moving along well. Another week and I'll be entering the 2nd trimester.

I bought a doppler this week for finding the baby's heartbeat. I read about it and asked my Ob her thoughts and it seems it's safe. I also figure that me being able to relax and know baby is ok is worth something. has great dopplers, great prices, and free shipping. I got the Sonoline B 3MHz as the baby group I'm in on FB had a ton of people recommending it. 

The doppler came in the mail today and I tried it out tonight. I thought I found the baby during the first hour of messing with it but the readings were staying right around 120bpm. I knew it should be more around 150 or so. I read some online and watched a tutorial video on The video explained that there are 3 different sounds; a low and slow heart rate (which is mine), a 120-ish bpm 'heart rate' (which is actually an artery/placenta), and then a fast gallop sound which is the baby. I realized that earlier I was only hearing the artery/placenta sound. So I went at it again and found the wee little one! It's a wiggly little guy/gal so it didn't stay put for long and then I'd have to adjust and find it again. Last Tuesday at my Ob it was on the left side, tonight it was on my right side. The doppler readings jumped all over the place...128, 180, 140, etc. I took the Youtube advice to just count the heartbeat for 10 seconds and multiply it by 6 and that worked much better. I could tell it was super fast and I knew the doppler wasn't reading right. By counting myself it was consistently 168 every time (28beats in 10 seconds X 6). So cool! Also such an amazing reminder of the beauty of life and how very early that life exists. 

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