Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby is healthy so far!

I had the much anticipated appointment with my Ob today. I'm 11 weeks and 3 days (11w3d).She pulled out the doppler, searched for 10 seconds, and there was a very strong and very fast little heart beating. It's always a little surreal in the beginning to realize, "Wow, there's a real, live baby in there!" I'm very thankful for that heartbeat and for the reassurance it brings. My Dr said I look wonderful, baby sounds wonderful, and things should go along well. At this point the rate of miscarriage dramatically drops, so that's awesome. I have friends, tragically, with losses well past this point, but generally speaking I'm in the 'safe zone'.

I really appreciated how much time my Dr took with us today. Mondays are really busy for her as all the stuff from the weekend bursts onto the scene as soon as their phone lines are open. She listened to me, answered all my questions, and shared helpful info. I meet a midwife, who I think and hope I'll love, next week. But I'm glad to have a great Ob as my back up and in case things happen in such a way that a home birth isn't wise.

I honestly feel so mixed right now because I'm really happy and relieved about hearing the baby, but yet also heard more news about my dad today and he's not doing well at all. We're still waiting on final results and answers, but his cancer appears to be quite late stage even though it was just diagnosed in December. I will be visiting him in California soon. So, the joy of this baby is bittersweet. This will be the first child my Mother in Law never gets to meet and now my dad is sick, too.

A lot of emotions about the baby and my dad.

~ Diana

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