Friday, February 8, 2013

15 Weeks

You should all feel so special, I didn't even bother to put makeup on for this photo. tehe.

Found this cute jacket yesterday in the Junior's section at Ross. It's a peplum that is shorter in front, so kind of works with a belly. Needed some color in my prego wardrobe.

I'm feeling the baby move now, which is really cool. I definitely didn't feel it this early with my first. I'd have to check the baby book to know about my 2nd, but I think it was later. It's not every day yet, probably because baby is so little still, about 4 inches long. I'm really glad to have the doppler, it really gives me peace of mind, especially with so much going on lately. I can find the heartbeat in about 10 seconds, but lose it just as quickly since baby is moving so much.

I would rather my weight gain was only 4lbs by now, but considering life and the amount of croissants I ate last week, it's alright. Still not planning to find out the baby's gender, but we both think it's probably a girl. Either way is A-OK.

~ Diana

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