Thursday, March 7, 2013

A bit of an update :)

It's been a little while since I posted some pregnancy photos on here. Honestly, I'm feeling fat and puffy, so I haven't wanted to post much, but I'm nearly half way through this pregnancy and my weight gain is staying around 9-12lbs, so I guess that's not too terrible. Just more than I'd gained with either of the girls til I was in the third trimester! Granted, I started this pregnancy 38lbs lighter. That's gotta count for something, right??? :)
14w1d, in Cali to see my dad. This was the day he passed away.

This was 16 weeks. 

17 weeks, in Dallas. You can tell by my puffy face I ate WELL while with my dear friend Alona! I gained 5lbs while there- lol, but have since lost them.

18w5d  (yesterday)
My belly is definitely popping here! Side note: This shirt was borderline snug on me last summer before I lost weight. Crazy that it's about the same tightness with me being pregnant! And I LOVE this belt. I bought a gold and a silver one in Dallas at Charming Charlie. That store is so cool. Everything is pretty inexpensive (less than Claire's) but way more fashionable and unique. Wish we had one in Kitsap!

And today- 18w6d
This baby is making my face puffy and I hate that. But baby will be worth it.
I've been dying to do daily walks with the girls, but the weather has been very sporadic. Last week we had a day where the sun came out and I hit the pavement downtown Poulsbo with a friend and we quickly realized the sun was deceiving. It was 38 degrees with a wicked wind chill. It took the whole day for me and the kids to recover from that hour walk. Now I'm leery of taking them out when it's still so cold. Come on 50 degrees, show up!!!

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