Monday, May 13, 2013

Sister Princess Room

Five days ago we decided to bite the bullet and switch Evie upstairs to her sister's room. We knew the day was coming as we need Evie's current room for the baby due in 11 1/2 weeks (ahhh!). Craig converted one of the cribs to a toddler bed, he moved her dresser and shoe organizer upstairs and I emptied out her closet and hung everything in Elly's closet. The girls and I did some major cleaning going through their room tidying up, vacuuming, and rearranging furniture. They were screeching with excitement, running around the house dancing and singing and pretty much more excited than I have ever seen them. It was quite a hoot!

                                                         A very excited Evie :)

The big girl in her room! It's definitely bittersweet to think that both of my girls are potty trained and sleeping in toddler beds. Sometimes I look at Eliana and just think, "wow, she looks so old!" Watching them grow and change is part of the beauty of parenting. It's the fact that you can never go back and redo any of the years that is sad. They are such special little people.

Well, that first night was interesting. They went to sleep around 8, which is late for them and by 9pm Evie was crying and getting out of bed. It was then 2 hours of Super Nanny method; pick up the child and put them back in bed without saying a word. By around 11pm both girls were sleeping again, which means I was putting a kid back to bed over and over for literally 2 hours. Very frustrating. Evie continued to wake up throughout the night.They were up at 5:30am for the day :( 6 hours is not enough sleep for them, that's for sure! It was a long day and neither kid would nap. Friday night was about the same, with Evie getting up frequently. Saturday they didn't nap and we spent most of the day in the hot sun and watching Jake's baseball games. I think they were SO tired by bedtime that they fell asleep easily. It was a relief. They both stayed in their beds all night, although they woke up for the day at 6am. With it being Mother's Day, Craig got up with the girls and tried to keep them quiet until I got up at 8:30am. Sunday they refused to nap as well, although both were rubbing their eyes and were clearly exhausted. Last night they didn't finally fall asleep until 9:30pm, another 2 hours of putting a kid back to bed over and over and were up again at 1am and then up for the day at 6:30am. Neither child has had a solid chunk of sleep in days. As usual, I seem much more tired than they are, but they are definitely tired, too.

It's hard as a parent when there isn't a time of the day that you get any sort of break. The day starts very early and goes until late, with no naps and no 'easy' bedtime anymore. As of yet, anyway. Prior to the room switch they were both going to sleep around 7 every night and I could keep Evie in her crib til at least 7am, so I had a break in the evening at least. Most days at least Eliana would nap. So now with kids not sleeping til 9:30pm or much later, waking up all night, and starting the day at 6.....not good. It's been 4 nights and really no improvement since night one. I am hoping this resolves itself quickly as I don't want to still be this exhausted and experiencing this level of frustration while also dealing with the crazy schedule of a newborn. 

You know on the movie Click, how Adam Sandler can freeze time with the remote? I have often thought, "man, if I could just do that....I could freeze my kids so they are safe and I know where they are and I could just...SLEEP." 

Those who say sleep is overrated has never been truly sleep deprived. I'm going on almost 5 years of it. Praying the nights get easier here soon!

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