Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Adding sickness to the exhaustion stew

It's been quite a week. I mean, every week with toddlers is, I suppose :)

Jake caught some nasty bug at school and within a few days we were all feeling like crap. The cough got so scary I was afraid he'd brought strep or bronchitis into the home so Saturday we loaded up the fam and headed to Urgent Care, only to discover that not a single Urgent Care type place takes our insurance. So, then we had to go to the ER. *Sidenote- America is so messed up. Hospitals say non-emergent care in the ER is a huge time and resource waster, yet those of us with State supplied insurance have no other choice for urgent/non-emergent care. Messed up!*

3 1/2 hours in the ER later Jake tested negative for strep, Eliana was negative for a UTI and we were told they likely just had some really bad upper respiratory infection. Ugh. Then we raced to the ball fields because Jake insisted he wanted to play still only to find out that we somehow had an older version of the schedule and there were no games. Went back home, gave everybody Tylenol and spent the rest of the evening feeling like poo in front of the tv. Until 6pm when Jake magically remembered a huge science project due Monday morning that he'd never even told us about (this is a frequent and very frustrating occurrence). Assignments are supposed to be posted on the online system, but not everything makes it on there and it's a bit weird to navigate, so basically we end up in the dark a lot and have to watch Jake like a hawk otherwise things just don't get done. I mean, literally just missing assignments that he'll get zero credit for and we don't find about until after the fact when things are finally posted online.  It's exhausting and non-stop and a daily frustration. Craig and I are both glad that Thursday is the end of this school year! As a parent it becomes hard to enjoy your teenager and want to do fun things when the relationship becomes nothing but babysitting them and disciplining them. Not fun at all!

With getting sick the girls started 'sleeping in' til 6am instead of getting up at 5am. The extra hour is nice but getting up at 6 when everyone is sick still sucks. They have started napping in the midst of the illness, so I'll take that as long as it lasts!

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