Wednesday, July 10, 2013

37 weeks

Hard to believe it, I'm almost full term. 37 weeks on Friday which means I'll be clear for a home birth and labor can start anytime (hint, hint uterus). This pregnancy has been harder than my others...I think a lot because my sweet girls don't let me sleep much and then keeping up with them and a teenager while growing a baby just isn't easy. I mean, geez...I'll have 3 kids 4 and under plus a 13 year old. Ack! I feel like I'm ready to have my body back. This little guy, if I guess correctly, won't be quite so little. He feels good sized so I'm guessing 9-10lbs if he goes to 39-40 weeks (please little man, don't go longer!). He seems to be head down and thankfully staying that way for now. He's still high in my ribs and hasn't settled into my pelvis yet, which is pretty normal for my babies. It means I have to pee a lot AND he plays my ribs like a harp with his toes :)
I started Evening Primrose Oil orally last week. It's a natural prostaglandin (like semen) so it works to soften and prepare the cervix to make labor easier. I took it with Evie, but only from 39 weeks on. My midwife said it's fine to take orally at 36 weeks and then vaginally at 37 weeks. It's a gel tab (like Vitamin E) so it dissolves while I sleep.

33 weeks

33weeks5days, photobombed by Evie

34 weeks

36 weeks

I feel like I look puffy in my face...must. drink. more. water.

Pregnancy stats 7-10-13, 36w5d 
Weight gain: approx 32-34lbs (ahhh!)
Baby's size: somewhere over 6 1/2lbs
Still seeing my Webster Chiropractor at least weekly. Trying not to pack on too much more weight. Ironically I'm not eating much because the heat gives me zero appetite, but I'm gaining faster than I did earlier in the pregnancy :( Trying to force myself to eat more regularly and more protein. It's tempting to avoid food all day and then eat only at night once the house cools off. Not good for the metabolism! Still below my pre pregnancy weight with either of the girls :)

Pregnancy symptoms: Tons of braxton hicks all day, every day. Have to pee all the time. Lots of pressure in the lady bits when I stand or walk, even pain at the top of my thighs. Feeling so much more 'pregnant' than I did with my other pregnancies.
Baby is very active and his movements are more rolls and slow motion karate jabs now as he's beginning to finally run out of punching room. Quite a few moms in my August birth group have had their babies already so it's very weird to see a baby born at 35w gestation and realize my little guy is even bigger than that! Can't wait to hold him and meet him and name him. Knowing a real, live baby is growing is the motivation at this point to survive the next month. My first two pregnancies were so easy compared to this one. I never used to understand the 'complainers' would make me angry thinking, "don't you realize how lucky you are to be pregnant?!" And while that is true, it's also true that sometimes pregnancy is hard and takes every ounce of our strength and leaves us feeling like cranky zombies. I also feel a bit anti-social, which is weird. People stare at my belly in the grocery store and it just makes me feel self conscious. I keep telling myself to enjoy these last few weeks because newborns are a lot of work.....trying!

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