Friday, July 26, 2013

39 Weeks!

Amazing how time has flown...little man will literally be here any day. He might also take his sweet time and not come for a couple weeks. That fact was really bothering me a week ago, but I'm coming to terms with going 'over' again (40-42 weeks is not technically post dates, by the way). I'm trying to just enjoy my girls as best as I can with the lack of sleep and 80 degree house. It's a little tough because in my brain I think, "we should go to the zoo or the beach or the drive-in movies..." but then actually doing those sorts of things feels really overwhelming by myself with this belly, the contractions, and the heat. We've had limited time all together with Craig without things that we really can't get out of. Strangely the day that Eliana was born was my step-dad's father's memorial service and tomorrow is his mom's memorial service. And another grandparent of mine just passed away 2 days ago. Very weird. Five years ago I had six living grandparents...I now have only two living.
If there's no baby yet, Craig and I get a date night tomorrow after the memorial service, so that will be very nice! Maybe a movie and dinner :)

This might be my last pregnancy update, so here's the details:

39 Weeks
Baby: my guess is around 9lbs already
Mommy: Up 34lbs
My bp has been perfect, it was 118/68 at my midwife appointment on Wednesday. Baby's heart rate has tended to range in the 130's and 140's the last few months and he's incredibly active. My guess on his weight has to do with how large he feels. When he moves it's like, Whoa that's not a little baby! My midwife agreed on Wednesday, saying, "I thought maybe there was extra fluid but I'm just feeling a lot of baby." Him being big doesn't worry me, I just can't wait to hold him and snuggle him. I'm guessing his head will be about 15" and he'll weigh between 9 and 10lbs. If he comes out only 8lbs I'll be quite surprised. And I definitely don't have gestational diabetes. My blood sugars were only 100 when I did the 1 hour GD test and every appointment my sugars have been perfect on the pee test. It's amazing, I am really the healthiest in this pregnancy that I've ever been. I am also still less than my pre-pregnancy weight with either of the girls. Coincidence? Probably not :) AND, I also don't have Group B Strep this pregnancy (a common over colonization of vaginal bacteria in case you were wondering...and if you weren't, well sorry). I had it with both of my other pregnancies but have taken FemDophilus this time, a probiotic specific for women. It's nice to have one less thing to think about since I won't need antibiotics during labor.

My belly button is an outie now. That has NEVER happened to me before, despite being about 40lbs heavier when I gave birth to Evie. Somehow it seems like a chubbier belly should be more maxed out and that a belly button would push out more, but it's the opposite. The less belly chub you have the more likely you'll get an outie. My belly button is actually sore, the skin is stretched so tight and thin.

I've opted to have zero internal checks thus far. An internal check is to see what the cervix is doing and let you know how things are moving along. For me, I don't think they are really an indication of when labor is going to happen. If you are dilated to a 6 then yes, I would say there will be a baby quite soon...however getting a check every week at the Dr just seems pointless to me when you're only 36 weeks or even 38. At some point we just have to trust our bodies. That they know how to have the baby they are so beautifully growing. All centimeters are not created equal. It's very possible to be 'high and tight' (not dilated at all) and still have a baby 24 hours I did with my Evie. I may ask for an internal next week since I'll be 40 weeks and it might be helpful to know if my body is likely to need a gentle push again (castor oil). But for now, I'm trying to trust the process and be patient. It's also just a fact that a lot of moms don't get to carry full term and they struggle through NICU stays and all sorts of stuff. I'm very thankful to be SO healthy this time around.

Alright, photo updates:
Last weekend, 38w1d. SO hot out. Reading my beloved Ina May and actually contracting during this photo- see the high and tight belly?


39 weeks

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