Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nearly 38 weeks and lots of nesting

I have been a cleaning machine this week! I am sore and stiff and exhausted, but this ticker list keeps scrolling through my brain....shampoo carpets, clean bathrooms, mop floors, do laundry (never ending), finish the baby room, return x to so and so, get x from so and so, buy more bread for freezer, make more freezer meals, clean the white couch, etc. 
The details drive me nuts...clutter on the counter that has to go somewhere, things that need to be returned....all the little to-do's. I just want them DONE. I might be annoying Craig, I'm sort of annoying myself. But I can't help it. I feel a mix of, "maybe if I get it all done then my brain will chill out and labor will start" and also "Ohemgee I will have 4 kids all by myself (Craig is gone nearly 12 hours a day) if I don't do things now they'll never get done!"

It's also sort of weird anticipating a home birth because I know that once labor starts there will be at least 3 other people here, probably more. So yesterday I vacuumed and shampooed the entire downstairs. Which is a lot since this house is 90% carpet. After the girls went to bed I shampooed a couple random stairs, the top of my Lane hope chest that has a cushion and also an entire couch. This morning I did the upstairs carpets, probably 60% of them and mostly the girl's room and the hallway where I know toddlers have had accidents over the last couple years. Then I cleaned and mopped the upstairs bathroom and the two bathrooms downstairs. I've also done about 7 loads of laundry during all of this and mopped the kitchen.

I think I'd like to dust a bit, but mostly now I just want to work on freezer meals as I only have 6 in the freezer so far. The bummer is that it's been really hot and the thought of standing in the kitchen and cooking sounds rather nasty. Maybe tomorrow.

This last week I've definitely felt changes with my body. Monday night I had 30 minutes of real contractions. My first thought was, "oh wow, I forgot how much these hurt." And then I realized he'd be born on our 8th anniversary if things continued! After 30 minutes they puttered out and I went to sleep. I also feel a ton of pressure in the nether regions, strange pin pricks at times, and even weird pressure at the top of my thighs. My midwife says it's all just part of things loosening up and getting ready. Today at the chiropractor his hands were up by his head, so let's hope he knocks that off when the time comes! I imagine he'll have about a 15" head like his sisters so I don't need the added width of hands in there :)

I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow which is pretty strange. By this time Eliana was already 4 days old and Evangeline was still 3 1/2 weeks away from being born. It's anyone's guess what this baby will do. In the beginning I assumed I'd go a week or two past my EDD, but then I never imagined how very pregnant I'd feel and the intensity and frequency of braxton hicks. My chiropractor says the BH serve to help push baby down, so that's a good thing. He tends to ride high, but I do feel like he's gotten lower. And as I type this, there's a good contraction!

It's weird and cool feeling a baby move at this gestation. He's obviously good sized and sometimes I can tell specific body parts like a knee or ankle or foot or spine. He's busy and active.

Sunday night a dear and extremely talented friend did a maternity photo shoot for me and also some family photos and some of Craig and me. First time out of all the kids that I've done maternity photos. I think she captured some beautiful and fun shots and I can't wait to see them! She was awesome with the girls and really has such an eye for what makes a great photo. The top photo on my blog is from the shoot, just a quickie shot from the very end and even it is amazing! I'll share contact info for her once I have photos to share :)

This photo took bravery from's a bare belly. It's very pale because I don't show it to anyone, even the sun and it's shiny thanks to Sensaria Body Butter (what will I do when it finally runs out????).

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