Friday, August 2, 2013

40 Weeks

I am officially 40 weeks today! Wondering if this will be my last pregnant blog post....I hope so :)

39w3d, dyed the ends of my hair cobalt blue.



40 weeks. My old stretch marks are feeling the pressure, if baby doesn't come soon I'll have new ones!


Little girls anxious to meet their brother!

40 weeks: 
I'm still up 34lbs, and I'm ok with that. More than the 20 I had planned, but I'm STILL below my pre-pregnancy weight with both of the girls. 
I feel pretty good and then other times like total crap. Hormones and exhaustion are a bad combo. Two nights in a row I've gotten to sleep around midnight, up every hour or two to pee and then my lovely girls are up at 5:50am. Last night I had good contractions for 3 hours, but like usual they fizzled out. Just means I'm tired today; 6 hours of possible sleep and half of it was spent contracting and walking back and forth to the toilet to pee. 
I have no idea when labor will start. I was 1.5cm dilated on Tuesday....which really doesn't mean much. Today I see my chiropractor and then my midwife again on Tuesday.
Really hoping I can nap today. Didn't get any rest yesterday because Eliana wouldn't nap or stop chatting my ear off. I was wishing last night that Craig had several weeks of vaca and could just take today off with us. He's got one week available til January when it resets, so we have to be careful about him using the hours.

Well, maybe a baby this weekend, we'll see!

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