Friday, March 28, 2014

Paleo, again?

Well, I think I'm paleo again. Which really means modified paleo for me because I refuse to give up dairy. It's 4:15pm and so far so good on day 1! Granted, it's like even the trees look like sugar today. Man, the sugar withdrawls are not my fave. It probably doesn't help that I ate a bag of skittles AND M&M's last night. *A-hem, cough, not the little bags, cough*. Why do I do that to myself???

I asked my amazing friend, Chef Valerie, what her staple diet is and she gave this amazing and super helpful list:

-bacon (lots of it )
-Uncured salami
-kipper snacks 
-tuna (sustainable)
-chicken (ewe I don't really like it) 

-carrots (like a lot) 
-red cabbage (OMG love) 
-basil (fresh & a ton of it) 
-thyme (fresh) 

-avocado (half a day) 
-bell peppers
-lots of balsamic vinegar 
-Apple cider vin but raw 
-coconut oil
-stoneground mustard
-coconut milk ( full fat stuff in a can. I used a tbsp in my coffee. Leave in fridge and you can separate the cream from the milk. The  cream is what I use) make sure it's unsweetened. 
-Probiotic. I use a dairy free unsweetened coconut kefir. It's like a tbsp a day. 
-Braggs aminos
-Braggs olive oil

"This is what I HAVE TO HAVE. Even though I buy all organic, it's surprisingly cheap! 

A basic breakfast for me is hard boiled eggs, bacon and some kind of veggie + coffee. 
Lunch: salad, meat and half an avocado. 
Dinner. Steak, salad, veggies. Decaf coffee 
Lots of water. I drink like a gallon a day!"

Thank you, Val!!! Like her Facebook page to see her beautiful food creations HERE !

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