Thursday, April 3, 2014


Following up on my last post, I did indeed go back to Paleo-ish and Primal foods. I am down 6 1/2 lbs and truly already feeling a lot better. It's amazing how much more energy I have first thing in the morning when I'm not eating junk the day and especially evening before.

I've also taken measurements and will be checking those periodically.
This was me yesterday, 6lbs down since going back to Paleo-ish.

A few things that help me:

  • Weigh every single day and input into a free weight tracker app.

  • Don't eat after dinner (dinner is at 5pm in my home). If I eat after dinner I try to stick to cheese or an apple.

  • Don't wait to eat until I'm starving and want to eat an entire bagel shop.
This morning my breakfast was 2 eggs pan fried in Ghee (clarified butter), 2 kiwi fruits, 2 slices brown rice yeast free bread (I ended up just eating 1/4 slice, I just wasn't feeling it), coffee with milk and one Stevia packet, and a smoothie with unsweetened vanilla coconut milk, frozen berries, and Jay Robb vanilla protein powder.

I'm learning to eat more in the first half of the day and then taper off, rather than eating 99% of my calories in the evening.

I call my lifestyle Paleo-ish because I eat dairy and legumes (beans, primarily). It's been easier jumping back into it than I thought. Thank you, Jesus!

Yesterday I had the best ever protein bar. For reals, it tastes like a white chocolate Kit Kat. I am in HEAVEN. I've had a lot of different protein bars, and this is the best I've ever had. The best price, considering shipping online, seems to be buying them at Trader Joes. For nutrition and flavor info, go here: .
These are the labels from the peanut butter creme variety:

Yesterday I also did some reading about some questionable foods like popcorn and corn tortillas. In doing so I found a blog I adore! Go HERE to Mark's Daily Apple to read about whether popcorn and tortillas are Primal.  Go HERE to read about awesome Primal substitutes for regular foods, on Mark's Daily Apple.

I'll write more when I can. Cheers!

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