Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 2014

I have come to realize that deciding to go back to Paleo right before moving was an epic failure in terms of choices. Yikes. I forgot just how crazy moving makes things and how much pizza is involved. I am trying to consider this a minor scale says otherwise. I am already mostly recovered from the chaos of moving, but still working on getting back to healthy. I am using the My Fitness Pal app now, which is helping and also hurting. I wish there was an app that tracked refined sugars and carbs, NOT sugars and carbs from fruits and vegetables. I wish there was an app that purely tracked proteins and refined nasties, not calories and all that jazz. I hate seeing my carb number at 100, when all I've had is a morning smoothie with fruit, protein powder and almond milk. It's sort of depressing. It also makes it hard to see a quick glance at my true intake. Maybe I should invent the PCOS Tracker (I said it first!), an app that tracks refined numbers to allow the user to keep refined carbs and sugars under 30g a day.

We moved about a mile from the old house. Easier than moving across the country, BUT everything still had to get out of one house and into another. The new house is a blessing. It's beautiful, insulated, no oil heat, and works well for our family. There are still boxes to unpack, but the house looks and feels very settled. I keep pondering maybe just throwing out all the boxes.....maybe we don't need whatever is in them???? Kidding. Sort of. Also, props to my handy hubby who got the fridge water and ice maker working after the landlords (and our dear friends) were told by repairmen that it was a lost cause. Hubby is a genius!

Life has been a busy journey through suburbia; soccer games and practices for the 5 year old, ballet with the 3 and 5 year old, speech therapy for the 5 year old, chiropractor visits with all three kiddos, grocery shopping, more grocery shopping (they eat everything I buy so I have to keep doing it!). I am striving to find joy in the mundane. The reality is that at times motherhood is suffocating. Being needed 24/7 takes its toll. 12+ hours during the day the girls need me and the other 12 hours a precious nearly 25lb baby boy needs me. He will not sleep unless he is literally touching me. I have actually mostly come to terms with this. He is the king of chillaxin and loves to be sprawled out and snoring, while still touching me or laying in the crook of my arm. It's pretty darn precious. And he smells so good. SO good. Sometimes as I'm falling asleep at night I just rest my cheek on his cheek and feel his warm breath and smell his hair. I rest my hand on his round booty and he puts his little fingers on my arm. It's a bit of heaven for sure. Someday he won't sleep like this. It is how he feels safe right now and that's a gift as his mother that I'm able to give him. I've reached a point in my life that making him cry, just so I can have some space, doesn't feel right. Research tells me its not, but even moreso my heart tells me it's not right. So, we snuggle and we cuddle and I work to embrace these sweet smelling moments rather than fight them with every inch of my person hood craving some alone time. It is a battle at times.

Solomon is a peaceful, joyful baby. He's very chill and doesn't hold back on smiles. He's just so HAPPY all of the time. I wonder if that's partly because his needs are met unconditionally. He's very snuggly and loves to be cuddled. He says mama, dada, nigh nigh, and I swear he says 'all done!', too. His hair is a beautiful sunny blond and his eyes are navy blue like his Grandpa Truman and his mama. He is a beautiful boy and brings so much joy to our family. Evangeline has decided she does like him after all and that's pretty adorable, too. She calls him Solly or Bubba and proudly tells everyone we meet, "that's my Solomon."
This is my precious boy at 13 days old. He actually fussed and cried for nearly the entire photo session as this was back during the spiteful colic days. Maria was a very patient photographer:
(Maria Hays Photography)

This was my sweet boy last weekend at his first Viking Fest:

~ Diana

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