Thursday, March 12, 2015

The flu, going brown to blonde, and we bought a home!!

Hello from the land of the living! I had the flu. More like it had me. It pushed me down and slapped me hard. So brutal! It's been years since I felt so sick and I'm finally on the upswing. I dropped 7lbs in 3 days despite not throwing up once. I just had no energy or apetite to eat and Solomon was extra clingy and nursed nonstop. I managed a protein shake each morning and crackers or something at night. 

Being sick, like knocked down and dragged out in a snowstorm and left for dead kind of sick, makes you really realize how productive you normally are. I've been off Facebook for over 3 weeks. I haven't logged in even once. It remains one of the best decisions I've ever made. A dear friend quit facebook on her own accord and on the same day as me and she jokingly said, "I wish I could go on facebook just to tell everyone- get off, life is amazing out here!" Ha! But it's true!! I have been accomplishing so much in my newly freed up time. Tile and grout in 3 rooms was scrubbed spotless, my double ovens sparkle like new, the kids craft hutch was completely emptied, sorted, and reorganized. I mean, wow! In addition to the cleaning, I have faithfully done PiYo every day and fit in outdoor walking/jogging when I can. I'm not super human, I just have a lot more drive, focus, brain space, and energy now that I'm not on Facebook. Solomon doesn't nap unless he is on me (like right now) and same for nighttime. So the workouts, cleaning, jogging, etc, it all happens with him right with me and often climbing on me. I don't have the luxury to wait for naptime and knock out the chores. If I did, forget it- this place would shine!! 😄

So yeah, super productive and then BAM, the plague hits. My hard work on routine, deep cleaning, working out...everything flatlined. On an emotional level, that is angering. It's hard feeling so useless and crappy and knowing your muscles are weakening and your endurance will need some work to catch up, etc. I had a minor cold a few weeks ago and I worked out with it, but best advice says if you have a fever do NOT work out. I was hovering around 102 and aching so bad I could barely move. PiYo was not in the cards. Today is my first day fever-free in 3 days and I am trying to start slow getting back into life, which means no PiYo today. 😥 It's not the end of the world, right? Just a sad end to 3 weeks of faithful daily kickbutt workouts. I am supposed to do Sweat next. Last time I did Sweat it was like a scene from Biggest Loser. I could hardly breathe and thought I was going to vomit for about 3 minutes in the middle. Then I pulled my ish together and finished strong. Haha! Sick on the couch to that might be interesting. Maybe tomorrow? Eek. 

Last week was a big week for us. We bought a house!
We've lived in this house for 10 months so thankfully don't have to move, but we own it now! Our monthly payment increases, but after scouring the market for months and realizing other rentals would be as much as a mortgage, we knew this was the best choice for us. We are excited to own again and we love this house. It's the first time in the 11 years we've been together that we live somewhere we can stay. Our first home was 763sq ft. Even as we signed papers we knew it wasn't forever. Then we sold it and rented for 3 years. Now we are here in a remodeled split level, 1800sq ft, a big back yard, and 5 minutes to church, Central Market, Craig's work, etc. Thank you, Lord, for Your provisions! 
Karin Kay is awesome and we can't say enough about her as a realtor. She is sharp as a tack, responds swiftly, and has always given us solid advice. She gave us this adorable flower and cookie basket. If you need a realtor, she's your gal!

Right before getting sick, I changed my hair. I started like this, a dyed dark brown:
Beauty bloggers told me to skip bleach and try this:
The bloggers lied. It didn't work. At all. It made me look insane. 
Brown hair and yellow roots. Oh Gawd NOOO! It was 7:15pm and like a crazy person I hauled my kids to Safeway (wearing a hat) to buy hair bleach.
My hair is longer and getting thick so it takes two boxes of everything.  I followed instructions precisely and got this. Do I look horrified? I was. 
Orange. Yup, totally orange. Not wanting to risk my hair falling out I decided to let it air dry and sleep on it. I realize now I should've bleached one more time to lighten again. You know what they say about hindsight! I tried this in the morning as bloggers told me the ash would balance the red. 
It helped a little. Not a lot.
I was so embarrassed of my orange hair that I wore a hat:

So then, again like a crazy person, I drove my kids to Silverdale to the nearest beauty supply store for a Wella Toner. 
It goes on purple and it designed to remove the brassiness. My hair should've been lighter to start, 
but like the beauty store owner said, "it's not gonna get worse!" Oh hunni, you got that right! This is after Wella:
Getting better, right?
It's still a bit dark and reddish for me, I want lighter and ashy, but it'll take time. I think I'll buy a Wella light ash blonde dye next and then tone again if needed. Ps, toner is cheap. Like $8 and it was enough for my whole head.

Congrats if you made it this far reading!! 
This dude sleeps hard! 

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  1. Glad to be catching up! Sounds like you've made some amazing changes in your life. Congrats Diana!